Tumblr Quotes

Starting out as a simple blogging platform that an internet sensation, Tumblr is a melting pot of creativity from people all over the world, which means you’ll find a lot of different Tumblr quotes out there. Users share their ideas and thoughts with their followers, and this inspires others to share their own ideas as well. When you follow different people, you can see things from their perspective. You’ll see different Tumblr posts that can strike a chord within you. Take a look at thecutequote.com’s collection of different Tumblr quotes and find the ones that speak to you.

Love Tumblr Quotes

There are thousands of Tumblr accounts that specialize in love quotes. We scoured through most of them to give you the best Tumblr quotes. Many of these love quotes were written in the height of romance. However, there are a few love quotes that sum up feelings of heartbreak and despair. Take a look at thecutequotes.com’s list of love Tumblr quotes and find the perfect one for you.

  • 1 You deserve someone who loves you so deeply and so intently that it calms your very soul.
  • 2 After all is said and done, we won’t remember pretty faces and sweet voices. We will remember those who have the most beautiful heart.
  • 3 Love doesn’t have to be perfect. It only needs to be true.
  • 4 Nothing beats that feeling when someone says to you, “It doesn’t matter that you’re not perfect. You will always be welcome here.”
  • 5 Serendipity is when you fall in love with someone who you barely noticed the first time you met.
  • 6 It’s infatuation when you see someone as perfect. It turns into love when you realize they’re far from perfect, but you accept them anyway.
  • 7 I’m more than I thought I could ever be when I’m with you.
  • 8 People ask me, “What do you see in him?” And I answer, “Everything you can’t.”
  • 9 Don’t marry someone just because you can see yourself having a good life with them. Marry someone you can’t have a life without.
  • 10 When another person’s happiness is your happiness too, that’s love.
Love Tumblr quotes are different from those you’ll find in books or uttered by famous people. That’s because most of the quotes here come from individuals pouring their hearts out onto each word. They connect with you on a deeper level because it lets you know that someone out there feels the exact same way you do. Which of these love quotes from thecutequotes.com resonates with you?

Life Tumblr Quotes

Most Tumblr users are in their teens to twenties. While the users may seem too young to start philosophizing about life, you’ll be surprised by their wisdom. There can sometimes be a hint of naivety in there, but it helps you gain some perspective on what younger people think about life. Take a look at these life Tumblr quotes from thecutequotes.com to see what we mean.

  • 11 Look forward to what’s coming instead of mourning what is gone.
  • 12 All that matters in the end is that my mom is proud of me.
  • 13 What’s the best revenge? Moving on and being happy.
  • 14 Even if you think things could have been different, that doesn’t mean they could have been better.
  • 15 Don’t let all the “what ifs” and “should haves” conquer your mind.
  • 16 You don’t always have to make people understand you. Some never will. Understand yourself instead. Focus on finding your own happiness and peace. You are your own project, your biggest commitment. So, love all your flaws, accept them, and learn how to be yourself.
  • 17 A little perspective on a bad day: There are seven billion people in the world. All of them experienced today differently.
  • 18 Even when you think it’s too late to start over, do it anyway.
  • 19 Turn all those dreams into plans, and all the plans into results. You owe it to yourself to make more than just dreams.
  • 20 Either you say how you feel and mess up or say nothing and regret it forever.
With so many accounts out there, you’re sure to find the right life Tumblr quote to motivate you. Many of these quotes come from younger people who have such an eloquent way of expressing themselves. This list of quotes from thecutequotes.com compiles all the most meaningful life quotes from Tumblr. Pick out the one you can relate to the most and use it as a mantra for when life gets you down.

Sad Tumblr Quotes

Tumblr has always had a reputation for being depressing and “emo.” However, you will find a lot of useful gems in the form of sad Tumblr quotes. Some of these quotes perfectly sum up what sadness is like, while others can help you gain a little perspective on those who feel depressed. This list from thecutequotes.com can help you understand the many facets of sadness.

  • 21 You are too good for someone who only sees you as an option.
  • 22 It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel the same way. I don’t love often and I don’t love this deeply. Only with you.
  • 23 People come into your life and turn everything upside down. Then one day, they disappear. Because that’s what people do.
  • 24 You never really understand what heartbreak is until you feel your heart straining under the weight of all your broken hopes and dreams.
  • 25 This is why we carry sadness on our sleeves: because we find it so easy to feel like no one wants us, yet we barely feel it when someone does.
  • 26 How can I heal a wound that keeps getting deeper? How can you outrun the pain that follows me when I try to run?
  • 27 You’ve broken my heart so many times. But I still find myself gluing back the pieces just so you’d look my way.
  • 28 The one who wants everyone to be happy is often the one who always feels the loneliest.
  • 29 You fall in love with someone that you would give your whole life for them. Then one day, with no reason, they just stop loving you. How is that fair?
  • 30 There is something wrong with our generation. We were raised with so many sad songs and sad movies that we think that sadness is the norm. All these happy faces with blank, sad eyes.
Some of these sad Tumblr quotes can make you feel a little blue, but some are worded so well that it cuts deep. That’s especially the case if you can relate to the exact situations described in these sayings. So, if you feel like you need a little catharsis to let those emotions out, read through this list of quotes from thecutequotes.com. Cry it out and feel the sadness washing over you.

Happy Tumblr Quotes

Of course, Tumblr isn’t just full of sad, depressing quotes. You’ll also find a lot of happy Tumblr quotes that can uplift you and make your day. When you feel like you need some motivational sayings or just quotes that will cheer you up, check out this list from thecutequotes.com. These quotes may not make you a happier person, but they can give you the perspective you need about the nature of happiness.

  • 31 Who cares if it’s a waste of time? If it made you happy, you didn’t waste those moments.
  • 32 Choose happiness, they would say, as if you could just choose how you feel. But sometimes, you can just try. Even trying to be happy is a start.
  • 33 A simple, happy life. Now that’s the dream. I don’t need a lot of money or things; I just need a reason to keep going every single day.
  • 34 I want to make you so happy that you lay in bed at night wondering how it’s possible to feel so much joy.
  • 35 You know you’re truly happy when you don’t feel like you need to prove it to anyone.
  • 36 Have you ever loved someone so much that just seeing their name on your phone puts a silly smile on your face?
  • 37 Live for the small things. Live to hear your favorite song or see your favorite movie. Live for little moments like catching the sunrise or laughing so hard you’re crying. Forget the big picture and just savor each happy moment until one day they become a giant collage of all the times you were happy.
  • 38 I need three things in life: someone to love, something to keep me busy, and something to look forward to.
  • 39 Making you laugh is one of the highlights of my day. Seeing you happy is all I need to be happy too.
  • 40 Happiness doesn’t just magically manifest itself one day. It’s something you plant in the present to reap in the future.
Will these happy Tumblr quotes make you happy, not in themselves? However, the idea behind them can help show you different ways to embrace the happiness in your life. This is the goal of this list from thecutequotes.com. It’s not a matter of telling you to be happy. Instead, these quotes are about helping you see the little things in life that can give you joy. For some, that’s a pretty good start.

Short Tumblr Quotes

You’ll often see a lot of short Tumblr quotes about all sorts of things. Some are sad, others are happy or even funny. These short quotes conveniently fit into nice graphics that can be shared on the site over and over. They’re easy to remember yet meaningful at the same time. If you want to a quick, short quote to remember, take a look at these short Tumblr quotes from thecutequotes.com.

  • 41 Everyone needs to rest. Take it easy.
  • 42 You are the solution to every problem my heart creates.
  • 43 The first time I heard my name on your lips, I knew I was yours.
  • 44 Life is too short to spend it on “what ifs.”
  • 45 All the love you spent on the wrong people will come back to you one day.
Tumblr started out as a blog where people can pour their ideas into each post. This is why you’ll sometimes find pages-long entries. However, there are times when users come up with a quick quip that sums up exactly what they’re feeling. More often than not, it catches on and becomes a popular post. This is what we’ve compiled with this list of short Tumblr quotes from com.

Deep Tumblr Quotes

This is the great thing about Tumblr: many users remain anonymous. This helps because people can dig deep into their emotions and write about what they feel. In many cases, these hard-hitting quotes end up perfectly describing different aspects of the human condition and may help others process their feelings. These are the quotes we’ve added to this list of deep Tumblr quotes from com.

  • 46 Right now, it feels like forever when your heart is breaking. But one day, a love so real and so pure will erase all the scars. And you will find peace again.
  • 47 Who were you before people made you feel you weren’t good enough? Who were you before you had to change to fit in? Is that person still there within you?
  • 48 Have you ever lost someone you loved that you’d give anything for one moment with them? You go through life making new memories and experiencing new things, but none of them outweigh all those shared moments with the one you lost.
  • 49 Spend time alone. Extract yourself from needing the company of someone else all the time. You are your own person, defined not by others but by what you do.
  • 50 Maybe if we stay busy enough, we can ignore what’s fundamentally missing in our lives.
In life, you’ll often find yourself asking, “Why?” Why did this happen? Why do I feel this way? When you look deep within yourself, you might not find the answer. However, when you look to people who have gone through the same thing, you might learn from their experiences. In this list of deep Tumblr quotes from thecutequotes.com, we’ve included quotes that answer some of life’s greatest whys.

Tumblr Words

Using Tumblr can help you build a wider vocabulary. One of the ways users do this is by posting about unique, profound, and beautiful words that can uplift and inspire you. These words can help you convey complex emotions in a more poetic way. Here is a list of Tumblr words from thecutequotes.com. Include them when you write creative messages to make them more meaningful.

  • Arcadian (adjective). Possessing an incredibly innocence. Descriptive of a person who is wholly untroubled by worry.
  • Numinous (adjective). Descriptive of an experience that awes yet attracts you. It’s similar to feeling overwhelmed, but with the added feeling of inspiration.
  • Vernorexia (noun). The romantic feeling associated with the coming of spring.
  • Aleatory (adjective). Relying on things beyond your control when dealing with life or when creating art.
  • Aesthete (noun). Someone who clearly perceives the beauty in nature and is sensitive to it.
When you insert these Tumblr words into your writing, you evoke a unique imagery that usual words cannot. These words help you express your ideas in a way that’s more symbolic and in many cases, more moving. Use the Tumblr words from thecutequotes.com to add flair to your message. Use them to convey your feelings in a way that sounds deeper and more profound.
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