Depression Quotes

The World Health Organization’s current statistics say that 121 million people suffer from the mental illness depression across the world and that number continues rising every second, making every one of these depression quotes, including the short and deep ones about love and life even more valuable. Depression is something no one wants to discuss, and unfortunately, negative stigmas and misconceptions still exist about this illness.  Look no further than for more insight into the many facets of depression including, but not limited to, loneliness, vulnerability, hopelessness, and pain.

Best Depression Quotes

With such a widespread illness, it’s likely that you or someone you know battles depression. These Best Depression Quotes from are sure to give you a more in-depth look of the many aspects of depression and help you to better understand how those living with this illness feel and possibly give them the comfort of knowing someone gets it and finally understands where they’re coming from.

  • 1 Seeing the end in sight makes anything seems possible, depression makes the end seem impossible.
  • 2 Tears come not from weakness, but from unending strength.
  • 3 Depression can make even the smallest task feel impossible.
  • 4 Perfection can still cause misery in depression.
  • 5 Motivation, like cleanliness, never lasts, so it must continue to be pursued.
  • 6 It’s usually worse than it appears.
  • 7 I lose myself in my mind.
  • 8 Monsters don’t merely exist in your closets and under your bed, they hide themselves in your head.
  • 9 I spend all my energy saving others when I’m the one that needs to be rescued.
  • 10 “I’m Tired” can’t be fixed by any amount of sleep.
This look into how depression can make a person feel is eye-opening. These Best Depression Quotes by illustrate the feeling of being lost, and the constant battle taking place in their mind. It gives a look into the defeat that those suffering from depression feel before they even begin and how they easily get overwhelmed by what we would consider an everyday task.

Depressing Love Quotes

Love can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. It can make a person feel all warm and fuzzy. Love represents a wide array of concepts. Hope, belonging, and security are just a few that come to mind. However, with depression, these are frequently overlooked and lost in the turmoil they’re facing inside. gives us some of the greatest Depressing Love Quotes to discover how depression affects this beautiful emotion.

  • 11 Being a friend to someone in depression is one of the most caring acts.
  • 12 I hide my heart, so no one can find it and hurt me.
  • 13 Not being loved can make even the richest man feel poor.
  • 14 The joy of love is only for an instant, while the hurt from love lasts forever.
  • 15 Tears can be wiped away, but the heart continues to cry.
The positive, happy feeling that love is supposed to make a person feel is sadly not the case for someone in depression. Instead, they only see the pain that it has caused them or could cause them. They fear being hurt from love because they believe everything that is good will come to an end. These Depressing Love Quotes by allow us to get a better sense of what those battling with depression believe.

Depressing Life Quotes

Everyone experiences ups and downs in life. Mental health diseases, especially depression, make it hard to focus on the positive or what exists beyond their current situation. These Depressed Life Quotes by show us how easy it is to see only the negative. When a person sees only the negative in things, it may be time to seek the help they so desperately need.

  • 16 Everybody has sad stories no one knows about and frequently we call them cold, when in fact, they are in despair.
  • 17 I miss who I was and my smile the most.
  • 18 We tend to focus on our defeats and not our wins.
  • 19 Just as the caterpillar believed his life had ended and transformed into a butterfly, you too can morph into something beautiful.
  • 20 Appreciating the light isn’t possible until after you’ve inhabited the dark.
Sad, broken, and defeated are just a few words to describe how depression makes life seem. gives us these Depressed Life Quotes which give us a further look into how depression makes a person feel. It is during these times when people feel like they can’t escape the darkness or sadness and see no way out, they should seek further treatment from a professional.

Depressing Thoughts

Nothing lasts forever, the same is true of the rainbow. lets us experience firsthand how depressing thoughts make a person feel. Depression causes a person to only see the bad, to see the glass as half empty and to fear anything good. Whether their thinking is real or just in their head, it doesn’t matter, how they feel is the most important.

  • 21 Depression is like being crushed slowly, and you can’t escape it.
  • 22 People latch on more to their baggage than their baggage latches on to them.
  • 23 It is better to be hated than ignored.
  • 24 The only obstacle standing in my way is reality.
  • 25 Asking if I’m all right reminds me that I’m not.
These Depression Quotes by let us see what our friends, family, or loved ones feel every day. It’s vital to recognize that there are so many more feelings than just being ignored, crushed, and devastated. We need to take note that asking a depressed person if they’re alright serves no purpose, other than to reiterate their despair. It would be better to simply let them know you’re there for them and care about them.

Deep Depression Quotes

We’ve seen what depression does to a person’s views of themselves, how it makes them feel completely broken inside. We’re going to look more in-depth at this with these Deep Depression Quotes by Knowing how they feel in their innermost being will help us better lift them up, encourage and motivate those most precious to us so we can better help them not feel so shattered.

  • 26 Depression is like the weather. It can arrive without warning.
  • 27 Invisible wounds can cause more pain than anything visible ever could.
  • 28 Sleeping while depressed is like a nightmare in reverse, waking up is terrifying and slumber provides comfort.
  • 29 The worst feeling is that no matter how hard you try; you can’t comfort your soul.
Depression is as unpredictable as the weather. Like a tornado, we never know when it will come, what path it will take, or how long it will last. All we can do is use these Deep Depression Quotes by to better understand it when it gets here. Understanding is the best step in learning how to become aware of something before its arrival, and thus, be more prepared for how to deal with it.

Short Depression Quotes

Some of the best things in life are short and sweet. The same is true of these Short Depression Quotes by They help us to get a quick look at how depression can affect a person and some possible ways to lessen its effects, decrease the amount of destruction in its path, or just be able to help a person during the storm.

  • 30 Hopelessness can be disguised by a smile.
  • 31 Don’t let what’s happening in your head keep you in bed.
  • 32 To survive, one must first endure.
  • 33 Don’t focus only on the future, find joy in the present.
  • 34 Dying is more inviting than living.
Some of the people you think are the happiest, are often some of the most depressed. Just look at  Robin Williams. tells us in these Short Depression Quotes that a smile can hide how a person truly feels. Masks are worn not only at Halloween, but some wear them daily. Don’t be fooled by a person’s mask, look beyond their disguise. Only then can you truly be their anchor.

Motivational Quotes for Depression

Now that we know how devastating, low, and worthless depression can make a person feel, let’s look at some Motivational Quotes for Depression. These quotes by are very inspirational and uplifting. They further reveal how those suffering with depression see life. This constant feeling of hopelessness should encourage them to look for various treatments.

  • 35 Don’t give credence to everything you think.
  • 36 Behave how you want to be, not how you are.
  • 37 Life is one continuous experiment, keep testing, and hypothesizing.
  • 38 When you alter your perception of the world, the world changes.
  • 39 Don’t allow your thoughts to determine your success.

Discover the power in these Motivational Quotes for Depression from Use them to know you’re the one in charge, not your thoughts. Your thoughts aren’t always going to be honest with you. They may show you the worst. This is true for anyone, it doesn’t have to be someone battling depression. After all, we are our own worst enemy.

We’ve learned a lot about this mental disease from the Depression Quotes about life and love. These depressing quotes short and very deep have vividly shown us how depression makes a person feel. It makes them feel hopeless, sad, ignored, crushed, defeated, lonely, and just overall broken. They fear the positive because they know it will inevitably crash. They get lost in their mind with their own thoughts. Still, this battle, this mental disorder, doesn’t have to define them. If you’re looking for more inspiring, insightful, and wise quotes, be sure to share posts on social media and follow

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