Sad Quotes

Life can sometimes be filled with a sadness so profound that you don’t even know how to put your misery into words until you read some deep and cathartic sad quotes. Deep quotes about sadness can make you cry until you’re out of tears. However, the best thing about these sayings is that they can put your feelings into perspective. Whether you’re looking for quotes about life, depressing love, sad relationships, pain, or depression, you’ll find it on this list from Have a moment to yourself when you read these quotes and let them help you reflect on life.

Best Sad Quotes

The best sad quotes can sometimes be the most inspirational ones. These quotes range from heartfelt quotes about sadness to those about life to those about sad relationships. When your pain is put into words, it can sometimes start your journey towards healing. In fact, when you’re depressed, the best way to help you process your feelings is through quotes. No matter what you’re going through in life, let these sayings from guide you.

  • 1 That’s the thing about saying goodbye. It feels like you’re jumping off a ledge. Once you’re off, all you can do is let go.
  • 2 I can no longer remember anything about those times as if my ability to remember was taken away. I lost the person I shared those moments with, and all the memories went with them. It’s like the things we did together feel like they never happened because he took them away.
  • 3 Anyone can find happiness. But it takes someone with a true heart to create beauty out of the things that make us cry.
  • 4 There comes a point where you realize that some people stay in your heart yet leave your life.
  • 5 Once you piece your life back together, everything may look good as new. But up close, you’ll realize that you’re no longer the same as you were before you were broken.
  • 6 It takes true pain and sometimes desperation to realize that the emotion that can break your heart is the one that will heal you.
  • 7 Grief is the price we must someday pay when we love.
  • 8 On some days, I wish I wouldn’t wake up. It’s like the opposite of a nightmare. I wake into a nightmare instead of waking out of one.
  • 9 We worry about children playing with toy guns and teenagers watching violent movies. We think that exposing them to violence will make them violent. And yet none of us worry about their own heartbreak, pain, and grief.
  • 10 There are two kinds of sadness. One is where you’re raging violently and bawling your eyes out – a wet kind of sadness. The other is where you’re too calm to shed a tear because you’re already engulfed in misery – the burning kind of sadness.
Whenever you feel sad and depressed, turn to some inspirational quotes to help guide you. They may not solve your problems or help you recover from heartbreak, but they can give you some much-needed perspective. This new perspective might be what you need to heal the pain in your soul. Transform the unhappy moments in your life into a new learning experience. Take the best sad quotes from and use them to heal.

Quotes about Sadness

How would you describe sadness? For some, sadness feels like a physical pain that doesn’t hurt your body but it hurts your soul. For others, sadness is a heavy weight that they carry – there are days when it feels heavier than usual. For those who are depressed, sadness is a part of their daily routine – a looming presence that never goes away. These quotes about sadness from can help you understand your feelings.

  • 11 This sadness within me fills my heart with rain even as the sun shines on my face.
  • 12 Sadness is a mysterious force. One day it feels like rain crashing down all around you. On other days it feels like a fire raging in your heart and filling you up with smoke. And then there are days, the worst days, when it’s a looming shadow threatening to destroy everything you love.
  • 13 Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and take all the sadness away. But if I did, I might also take all the happiness away.
  • 14 You have to remind yourself that some days are just worse than others. You need sadness to feel joy. Not every day will be a good one, and that’s just how life is.
  • 15 There are two types of sad people: the ones who want to be sad among other people, and those who would rather be sad alone.
  • 16 It’s pointless to treat depression the same way you treat sadness. Sadness is like the flu – it goes away eventually. Depression, on the other hand, is more like cancer. It needs to be treated or it can finish you.
  • 17 It would be easier to die than to keep living with a heart that’s just barely beating.
  • 18 What is the point of loneliness? There are billions of people on this earth, and many of them know loneliness of some kind. There is so much yearning – for someone, for something, for more. Were we only put on this earth to shower it with loneliness?
  • 19 People who talk of their sadness are the ones who are hurt. People who can’t bear to talk about their sadness are the ones who hurt more.
  • 20 When people are broken a certain way, nothing can ever fix them again. I see people around me breaking one by one. And then I wonder when my turn will be, or if I’ve already been broken but I just don’t know it.
These quotes about sadness help you understand your feelings. The sooner you understand your sadness, the sooner you can heal. Everyone goes through unhappy moments in their life, and everyone heals differently. These sayings from can help you heal by putting your feelings into words. Don’t worry if these quotes don’t immediately give you the understanding you seek. Sometimes, you just need to feel these emotions before you can sort them out.

Sad Love Quotes

So many sad love songs have only one thing to say – that love hurts. It’s usually true, especially if you’ve had your fair share of heartbreak. Loving someone you can’t have can be enough to drive you into depression. These sad love quotes from shows you that many people have been through heartbreak, and yet they lived to tell about it. Give your broken heart some guidance through these deep sad quotes about love.

  • 21 She made him change who he was and leave his old self in the past. She pulled him into her world and made him stay. But by the time it was too late for him to go back, she left. He was like a diver sinking in the darkness all alone.
  • 22 I don’t want to talk about our love story. As all true love stories go, I want this one to die with us.
  • 23 A broken heart doesn’t shatter. It feels less like breaking glass and more like a slow, bruising ache. It’s like holding your heart in your chest as you feel it faintly, feebly beating.
  • 24 You live through the hardships of life and survive it all. And then when you finally find joy and have it taken away, you realize that what finally kills you is a broken heart.
  • 25 There is a profound pain in knowing that you love someone more than they can ever love you.
  • 26 Love never dies on its own. We kill it with neglect, lies, and misunderstanding. It dies when we are too tired to keep loving.
  • 27 If you break someone’s heart and they still say they want the best for you, you’ve lost one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
  • 28 If you find yourself hesitating to choose between me and someone else, please don’t choose me.
  • 29 Maybe the only true love is the first one, and the rest are there to help you forget.
  • 30 You can drown your heartbreak in sadness, in grief, in alcohol, in sleep. And yet love can still survive.
If love is so painful, then why do people still fall in love? It’s the ultimate conundrum that you can answer by weighing the joy of loving against the pain that follows when love fails. People who write sad love quotes and sad relationship quotes know full well how the bitterness of failed love can make loving anew so much sweeter. Perhaps that’s something you’ll learn from this list of sad love quotes from

Sad Quotes about Life

Many great minds would agree that life is filled with sadness, and yet we all move forward in the hope that we’ll find happiness again. These sad quotes about life from highlight just how bitter and unhappy life can be. These sayings may make you cry and make you feel a deep pain in your soul. However, you have to remember that sadness and happiness are both a part of life.

  • 31 This is how my life is now. I’m happy and sad and still trying to find out how that’s possible.
  • 32 Grief and love are so unfairly entwined. The longer you love someone, the longer you grieve. And what if you never stop loving them? Then grief lasts forever. You have all this love in your heart for someone who is no longer there.
  • 33 Being human is about striking a balance. You balance joy and misery. Happiness gives you branches that reach up to the heavens, and sadness keeps you rooted to the ground. The higher you reach, the deeper you dig.
  • 34 Grief isn’t something you can get over. You can’t wake up one morning and say that you’re done grieving. It’s like a shadow that walks beside you, reminding you of what you’ve lost.
  • 35 What is worse: to not know what you want to be and still be happy, or to become everything you’ve always wanted and yet be all alone?
  • 36 Letting go is hard. But it’s nowhere near as hard as holding onto something that wasn’t real.
  • 37 Many of us aren’t even living anymore. We’re just killing time.
  • 38 Sadness comes into your life one drop at a time. It leaks in without you knowing, until one day you’re drowning.
  • 39 We live life as the ghosts of the happiness we once had.
  • 40 One day when you’re too tired and weary to go on, you’ll find yourself asking, “Where did life go?” And you realize it flew past when you were too sad to notice.
These sad quotes about life from may bring you the catharsis you want. They can make you cry over the futility of living a life filled with sadness. However, where there is sadness there is also the potential for joy. The sadness you feel now can help you fully savor the happiness that will follow. So don’t wallow in misery because you never know when you’ll be greeted with the happiness you deserve.

Sad Relationship Quotes

Sad relationship quotes will hit you hard if you’ve just been through a breakup. They’ll make the pain of heartbreak all the more intense, especially if you’ve recently lost someone you love. However, they do impart some wisdom about the nature of love. These sad relationship quotes from can help you sort out all the sadness you feel about your recent heartbreak. Perhaps they’ll also help you welcome love into your life again.

  • 41 In a way, envy is worse than heartbreak. Half of your heart is happy for another. And yet the other part is drowning in self-pity.
  • 42 A part of me lies buried in his embrace – the embrace I’ll never feel again. One day, I’ll find happiness again, and my heart will soar. But that one part of me will remain in the ground, buried in that place we once called our own.
  • 43 A million tears can’t bring you back, and neither can a million words. I know this because I’ve tried.
  • 44 Relationships are like broken mirrors. It’s better to leave it be than to cut yourself trying to put it back together.
  • 45 One day you’ll love me as much as I love you. One day you’ll see me the way I see you. One day you’ll shed the same tears I shed for you. And one day you’ll need me, but I won’t need you.
These sad relationship quotes from may feel like there’s a voice describing exactly what you’re going through. That’s usually the beauty in sad quotes – they make you feel like you’re not alone in your pain. If you’ve recently parted ways with the one you love, let these quotes give you the emotional release you need. Let them make you have that final purging cry before you start piecing your heart back together.

Short Sad Quotes

The shortest sayings can hit you the hardest. That’s because they describe all those undefinable feelings in just a few words. When you can briefly describe the way you’re feeling through these quotes, it becomes easier to think that your sadness isn’t all that bad. Just one sentence can describe the totality of your pain, so maybe it won’t be so hard to heal. That’s the aim of these short sad quotes from

  • 46 I know so many famous last words but the saddest part is I’ll never know hers.
  • 47 There is emptiness where my heart once dwelled. And no song or wine or laughter can bring it back.
  • 48 Sometimes I find myself straining beneath the weight of the life I once longed to live.
  • 49 Many people cared, but they didn’t care enough.
  • 50 The worst feeling is remembering happiness at a time when you’re at your lowest.
These short sad quotes can become a mantra if you want to hold on to your pain. However, they can also be short inspirational reminders that sadness can be short-lived. These short sad quotes from remind you that sadness can leave your life as quickly as it came. Once you realize this, you might soon find yourself becoming less depressed each day. Before you know it, you’ve outlived the sadness and you’re happier again.

Unhappy Quotes

There’s an ironic thing about the nature of happiness and unhappiness. People rarely realize when they’re truly happy because they always want more, more, more. On the other hand, when they’re unhappy, they wallow in the sadness so much that they end up thinking they’re sadder than they actually are. Everyone deals with their sadness in different ways. For many, the best way to deal is by reading these unhappy quotes from

  • 51 Depression is a heaviness that forms a blanket over your life. It weighs down on you and everything you do. It can make even the simplest things like getting up in the morning or saying hello to a friend feel like trying to move a mountain. It becomes a part of your being and it spreads outwards onto everything you do.
  • 52 People sometimes like to keep their sadness a secret. They want to make others think they’re happy so that it might be true someday. Other people feel sad, but they don’t know why. So they say they’re fine because they can’t explain where all their sadness is coming from.
  • 53 We all want someone to see how unhappy we are. But when they finally see, we pretend we’re fine. We keep putting on the façade of happiness that we forget how to admit that we’re sad.
  • 54 Someday you will live a happy life. You’ll be the light in someone’s life. But why couldn’t it be mine?
  • 55 I’m much too old to carry all this sadness, and yet I soldier on.
How do you deal with unhappiness? Everyone has their own technique. Some turn to self-destructive actions by drinking, entering toxic relationships, or becoming a recluse. Others choose to understand their unhappiness through the wise sayings of others who have been through the same thing. Be the latter. Choose to understand what makes you sad by reading these unhappy quotes from When you learn about the nature of sadness, you can learn to rise above it.

Sad Quotes about Pain

In childhood, our most painful experiences involve physical pain. As we grow older, the worst pain we feel are the ones in our hearts. While they say that pain can make you stronger, it’s hard to know how you can possibly get that strength when you’re too broken inside. Let these sad quotes about pain from give you the inspiration you need. After all the pain, you’ll soon become wiser and stronger.

  • 56 As the first light of day breaks over the horizon, so too does my heart. I sometimes wonder how I can feel so much pain when nothing is wrong.
  • 57 A heart can be broken beyond repair, and yet it will still keep beating.
  • 58 Pain can sometimes be so unbearable that you can’t imagine living another day with it.
  • 59 I never knew a pain as profound as knowing I’ll never see you again.
  • 60 The pain drags me down, tempting me to sink. I wish I could drown my demons too, but they know how to swim.
Pain is never permanent. While it may feel like it’s always there, you eventually learn ways to handle its existence. Once you’ve healed, your pain becomes a memory, and you’re left with a stronger resolve. One of the best ways to build this resolve is to take in sayings from other people who have felt the same pain as you. These sad quotes about pain from help you find understanding and wisdom.

Depressing Love Quotes

Many writers wax poetic about the pain of loss. They can weave words so well that they can break your heart even if you’re fine. For those who are fresh out of a breakup, these depressing love quotes from can hit you hard. Be warned because when you start reading, you might feel a sadness so deep that you’ll relive all those moments from when you were reeling from a broken heart!

  • 61 I sometimes wish I was a child again. It’s easier to heal a bruised shin than a broken heart.
  • 62 When you lose the one you love, don’t bend your head in sorrow. Keep your head high and look to the heavens. That’s where your broken heart goes to heal.
  • 63 I wish I could walk away from you and forget what we once had. But I can’t because it will hurt even more when I realize you won’t come after me.
  • 64 People will always tell you to follow your heart. But when your heart is broken into a thousand pieces, how do you know which piece to follow?
  • 65 So many people are in love and yet they can’t be together. So many people are together but they’re not in love.
What is it about heartbreak and sad relationships that hit us so hard? Perhaps it comes from our deep need to find romantic love. There’s really nothing quite like a broken heart to make you cry. If you want to release all those repressed feelings of heartache, these depressing love quotes from are perfect for you. Give yourself some “me time,” play some Adele songs, and cry to your heart’s content with these quotes.

Deep Sad Quotes

Some types of sadness aren’t that deep. It’s the sadness you feel during the rainy season or when you’ve had an off day at work. However, there are deeper kinds of sadness that never seem to go away. It comes from years of unhappiness with different aspects of your life. When the sadness runs deep, turn to these deep sad quotes from They can help you understand why you always have that lingering melancholy.

  • 66 When the person you love dies, you don’t lose them all at once. You lose them bit by bit over the course of days, weeks, years. People stop talking about them. The scent on their side of the bed fades away. And then your memory fades – the sound of their voice, the color of their hair. And then, one day, it’s like they never were.
  • 67 I sometimes find myself in the company of new strangers all the time. I drift wherever I can to forget all the sadness in my life.
  • 68 Many people drink from the same cup of loneliness because it’s better than drinking alone.
  • 69 Grief is a sneaky thing. It can go away for a long time and make you think you’re okay. And then one day, some trivial thing sets it off. It comes back with a vengeance, flooding you with memories you thought you had forgotten.
  • 70 When you protect yourself from sadness, you’re also keeping yourself from being happy.
We can sometimes be sad without even knowing why. As mentioned above, it could be because we’re so used to pretending we’re okay that we half-heartedly convince ourselves that we’re happy. It’s important to learn to come to terms with your feelings, sadness included. What better way to do this than by reading some deep sad quotes from When you yearn to understand your sadness, you become better at addressing what makes you sad.

Sad Quotes for Him

As young boys, men are expected to be strong. They’re discouraged from showing emotions like sadness. However, men feel pain as much as any woman does, but they do get better at hiding it. That’s why there’s a special place for quotes about how men express their sadness in a different way. These sad quotes for him from help us understand how hard depression and grief can hit men who appear to be strong.

  • 71 She gave me forever in a small number of days, and then she was gone.
  • 72 Every man has his own sadness that he locks away in his heart. Others may call him cold, but in truth he is only sad.
  • 73 The worst part about the end of a relationship is that the things that used to matter don’t mean anything anymore. Her birthday, your anniversary, the day you met – all those days are now just ordinary days. All the inside jokes don’t exist anymore because she’s no longer there. Your mind is filled with these little facts about her, and you wish you could replace it with something else.
  • 74 I don’t love her anymore. But on nights like this I remember how much I did.
  • 75 He stopped loving her on the day they put him into the ground.

These sad quotes for him from can show how different men can be at hiding their sadness. Because they’re expected to be stoic, they lock away their sadness so that no one can accuse them of being weak. However, times are changing. It’s now okay for men to be more expressive with their feelings. These quotes for him from are stepping stones toward helping people understand the unique way men handle their despair.

Why are quotes about sadness so important? For one, they help us understand our sorrow through the wise words of writers and great thinkers. When we understand what makes us unhappy, we can sometimes learn to slowly overcome our sadness. These quotes can also give us an emotional release. No matter who short or depressing these quotes may be, they can give us the insight we need to heal. From quotes about depressing love to those about pain, aims to give you wisdom through these sayings. Share these quotes online, and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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