Love Quotes for Him

Any relationship advice article will tell you that sending a romantic saying is one of the sweetest things you can do, and you can definitely be tender with your man by sending him some love quotes. These sweet quotes for him will let the special man in your life know how much he means to you. With this collection of cute, romantic and deep sayings from, there’s no doubt that your man will fall even more in love with you. Here’s our collection of the best love quotes for him. Pick the one that’s perfect for your man!

Best Love Quotes for Him

These best love quotes for him from are the ones that come from the heart. If you’re not good with words, you can always take some inspiration from these wise and profound sayings. These romantic sayings can convey some of the deepest emotions in the most concise way. Use these sayings to show your man the deep affection you have for him.

  • 1 To be your friend was a great thing; being your lover is a dream come true.
  • 2 In all honesty, I will let go of anything for you but never you.
  • 3 I can promise you this much: that if ever we’re apart, my love for you will be greater than any distance between us.
  • 4 I don’t understand much about a lot of things, but I understand us. We have a special kind of love where you are much a part of me as I am a part of you.
  • 5 I’ve loved before. But when I met you, I knew that I’ve never loved and been loved this way ever before. And that, in not so many words, makes me happy.
  • 6 My heart whistles a lovely tune whenever you’re around.
  • 7 I enjoy the comfortable silence between us. You don’t have to say much, because I know just by your touch that you love me. And that to me is worth more than a thousand words you could ever say.
  • 8 If I ever get to heaven and the angels start asking people if they had a good life, I’d say I had a good one. It’s because I got to spend the better part of it with you.
  • 9 We can spend all our time together, day and night, because you make life sweeter. I want to be with you in any kind of weather, for I’d love us to grow old together.
  • 10 You’re my better half through the good times and the bad. Whether we’re fighting or having fun, you will always be the one.
When you can’t find the right words to say to the man you love, opt for a romantic saying that captures the way you feel. Send him one of these best love quotes for him at random times during the day. A little bit of affection goes a long way, and you might just make his day much brighter. These cute love quotes for him from can further intensify your feelings for each other.

Quotes for Him

A simple “I love you” may be short and sweet, but it’s a bit overused. So instead of sending your man a generic response, why not send one of these quotes for him from These quotes are short and simple, but they carry a lot of meaning. Insert a little touch of romance in your usual texts through these heartwarming quotes for him.

  • 11 Others spend the rest of their lives looking for the kind of love I found in you.
  • 12 You wandered into my life unannounced, and it has been wonderful ever since.
  • 13 I’ve been reading all the books I can get my hands in the hope that I’ll find the right word to describe how you make me feel.
  • 14 If a bunch of archaeologists did an excavation of my heart, they’d find only you within.
  • 15 In love, when you’re looking at me. Happy, when we’re together. Content, when you hold my hand. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because of you.
  • 16 It’s ridiculous how sometimes you send chills all over my body by simply calling my name.
  • 17 Love disappears through the passing of time. But the love I have for you knows no end.
  • 18 I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that I’m blessed because you chose to love me.
  • 19 To me, you are paradise on earth.
  • 20 I wouldn’t say I’m the prettiest or the most unforgettable woman you’ll ever meet. But if you don’t mind very much, I’d like to say that I’m yours.
Give him butterflies in his stomach when he reads one of these romantic quotes for him. Even though he knows that you love him, it’s sometimes nice to say it in a different way. So before you send him just another good morning or good night text, pick one of these quotes from the heart from It’s sure to put a huge smile on his face and make his day.

Short Love Quotes For Him

Short, sweet, and still incredibly romantic—these are the types of quotes you want to send when you want to make his heart go a-flutter. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to type out a long message. On days when you’re in a bit of a hurry but you still want to be sweet, these short love quotes for him from should do the trick.

  • 21 When you smile, I see a vision more breathtaking than the stars in the night sky.
  • 22 Only you can give me that loving feeling.
  • 23 Every beat, tune, and line from a song reminds me of you.
  • 24 You’re the only who makes getting up in the morning a splendid joy and something I look forward to every day.
  • 25 Eternity is immeasurable, endless. But if you’re right by my side, eternity sounds good to me.
These short love quotes for him are perfect for when you want a more poetic way of telling your man that you love him. They’re so easy to remember that you can memorize them by heart. If you want to get sentimental, use one of these short romantic quotes from as the motto for your love story. Send him one of these quotes today!

Cute Love Quotes For Him

So many sayings talk of spending eternity together or of a love so deep they’ll make angels cry. However, sometimes you just want a fun little quote to make your man grin. Love isn’t always so serious, sometimes it’s cute and silly. So why not send some cute love quotes from him? This short collection from is sure to amuse your guy!

  • 26 I’ve never cared about others’ attention until you’ve given me yours.
  • 27 We are allowed to be selfish sometimes. And out of all the things that I could possibly share, you are the only one that I’d like to keep for myself.
  • 28 I have one unforgivable addiction that I can never shake off—you.
  • 29 I’ve been to so many places and seen so many different things. But of all the things I’ve ever touched, you are the one my hands crave the most.
  • 30 I can’t say that you are my whole life–but you are the best part of it.
Sometimes, you can’t find the right words to say. So when you can’t come up with a new way to make him smile, say one of these cute love quotes for him. Depending on the guy, he might think you said something incredibly romantic or he might laugh-cringe at the cheesiness. Either way, these adorable little sayings from will surely lighten up the mood!

Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

Your feelings may not always be obvious, and sometimes you need to put them into words. However, you may not always find the right way to express the way you feel. Instead of scrambling to find the best way to state how much you love your man, use one of these love quotes for him from the heart. This short collection of love sayings from will surely express everything you want to say.

  • 31 You didn’t even use your hands, and yet you’ve caressed my heart in such a way that I fell in love.
  • 32 You’re where my mind wanders to when I want some peace in the middle of my busy day.
  • 33 We are imperfect creatures in an ever-changing world. Our love is constant simply because we are imperfect beings who are perfect for each other.
  • 34 A love this vast and deep blurs the lines of reality. I’m in a dreamlike state where I feel like I’m walking on twinkling stars and floating in a sea of champagne.
  • 35 You can keep my hand in yours for a brief moment, but you already have my heart forever.
Some people know how to express their feelings, but others need a little help. If you’re the type who often can’t find the right words to say, let these love quotes for him from the heart do the talking for you. This short list from can help you put your innermost feelings into words. Make sure your man knows exactly how you feel about him through these romantic sayings.

Affection Quotes For Him

You might be into a guy right now, but perhaps it’s not quite love yet. If you don’t want to say you love him but you want him to know that you feel something, then these affection quotes for him are the perfect way to do so. Send him one of these sweet sayings from, and who knows, maybe your affection for each other will soon turn into love.

  • 36 Whenever you feel like life is bringing you down, remember that my arms are here to hold you.
  • 37 In life, you may find yourself in unfamiliar places. When the loneliness starts to get at you, reach out to me and I’ll come running.
  • 38 I want to inhabit a place in your heart—a space especially for me. And there, I will live happily forever.
  • 39 Your dreams and mine run into each other as if we made the same wish on the same star.
  • 40 After all these years, there’s still something about you that stops me in my tracks. What could it be?
Before you admit that you’re in love with him, you can get the ball rolling by letting him know that you do have some affection for him. It’s not a confession of love, but it’s a pretty strong hint! Once you send one of these affection quotes for him, he might soon realize that he also feels something for you. Let these sweet not-quite-love-yet quotes from start off your romantic journey together!

Love Sayings For Him

What is your guy’s love language? If he’s the type who responds well to words of love, then these love sayings for him will definitely make him understand how strongly you feel about him. Words have a powerful effect on people, especially if they’re words that convey your deep affection. The best way to show that he holds your heart is through these quotes from

  • 41 Life has a way of putting a person in our path when we least expect it. And it comes at a time when we’d never think we’d meet the person who will change our life. Life’s funny like that.
  • 42 Love is a four-letter word that has been defined in so many ways, and yet, you are the only definition that makes sense to me.
  • 43 My mind is overflowing with all the reasons my life is wonderful with you in it.
  • 44 When we first met, I didn’t know exactly what was running through my mind. In retrospect, I now know that it was something like, “he’s the one for me.”
  • 45 In this world, there are things destined for each other, like you and me. And in that certainty, my love and my life are yours if you’ll have it.
Some people are great at showing how they love someone, and others are masters at putting it into words. If you want to start using words to show how much you love that special man in your life, let these love sayings for him inspire you. This collection from helps you find the right words that will make your guy understand just how deeply you love him.

Romantic Love Quotes For Him

When romance is in the air, you’ll want to use a saying that enhances those feelings of affection even more. These romantic love quotes for him will put you both in a sweet, lovey-dovey mood. Send him one of these love quotes from before you meet up for a date or when you’re missing him. These sweet sayings from the heart will surely make him look forward to seeing you!

  • 46 I may have done a lot of wrong things in my life, but giving you my heart is the one thing I know I did right.
  • 47 I love you, and I’ll keep telling you. It’s so you know that when I say it, I’m reminding you that you mean everything to me.
  • 48 No whiskey or wine can make me feel as drunk as I am on your love.
  • 49 At first, I thought you’d complete my checklist of what I want in a man. But I realized that I didn’t need all these things–I just needed you.
  • 50 It’s interesting how you’ve wiggled your way into my heart. Dancing and singing, that’s how you did it. And that ultimate clincher of yours is that smile that’s reserved only for me.
  • 51 Show your guy that you can be a romantic too with these romantic love quotes for him. Send him one of these heartfelt sayings from to make him feel like he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Let him know that you’re thinking sweet thoughts about him. It’s one way to make him miss you and look forward to the next time you see each other.
This diverse list of love quotes for him shows you that there are so many ways you can express your love for your man. From cute and cheesy quotes to deep, romantic quotes from the heart, you’ll always have the right quote for each occasion on this list. Send them to him to brighten up his day or use them to go with your morning greeting. What guy wouldn’t love to receive one of these messages? Share this list of the best love quotes for him from with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on social media!
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