Love Quotes for Her

There are five love languages that one has to know, which entail receiving gifts, having quality time,  hearing words of affirmation, acting in service of your partner, and, of course, physical touch, all of which you will learn about in this vast collection of love quotes for her. For many couples, exchanging words of affirmation is how they express love. A quick “I love you” in the morning or a short yet romantic message before bed can reinforce your bond. Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with the perfect thing to say, which is why has compiled a list of deep and sweet love quotes for her.

Romantic Love Quotes For Her

The special lady in your life will surely appreciate a handful of messages from you throughout the day. Sometimes, however, you might not know exactly what to say aside from the usual, “Hey, what are you up to?” or some variation. Let her know that you love her and that she’s always in your thoughts through these cute and romantic love quotes for her from might help you out.

  • 1 Leave the troubles of this world and sleep against my heart. Take comfort that in the morning when you wake up, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile from someone who loves you.
  • 2 My travels have taken me to countless places, and I have seen their wonders. But the road I take to get to you is the most wonderful of all.
  • 3 You have my heart, my soul, my undying love, and all the things that I possess. And if only I could give you my eyes, I would. So, you can see firsthand how beautiful you are to me.
  • 4 We share this dream where you hold my heart in your hand and I hold yours in mine—at peace as if in a deep slumber, but at the same time completely aware of the realness of our love.
  • 5 When you smile, I see those little creases around your eyes and I’m pretty sure my happiness is written in all those beautiful lines.
  • 6 I don’t care much for who you have been with or who your first love is. What matters to me is that I may not be among your firsts, but I sure hope that I am your last.
  • 7 Every day spent with you is my favorite day. Now all the days to come will be my favorites too.
  • 8 Sometimes I wish that I’ve met you a lot sooner. We could have created so many new memories. But then again, where we are right now is so perfect that I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • 9 This thing that we have going on, this indescribable feeling we have for each other is something I’m thankful for. Because it’s with you and not somebody else.
  • 10 Out of the many uncertainties in life, my love for you is the one thing I’m certain of.
It doesn’t matter what time of the day you send her one of these romantic quotes from She’ll definitely feel your love no matter how far apart you are. So save these sayings, pick the right one for the occasion, and send them to her whenever you feel particularly romantic. It’s a great way to let the special woman in your life know how much she means to you.

I Love You Quotes For Her

A famous song goes, “Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you.” While saying these three magical words is romantic, sometimes you need to step it up. You can use one of these I love you quotes for her from to express your love in different ways. Make her feel special by using these cute quotes that explain the why’s and how’s of your love for her.

  • 11 I love you through and through. In my mind, where thoughts of you never cease. In my heart, where it pumps endless emotions all for you. And in my soul, where my very essence can be found and there also can be found, you.
  • 12 Regardless of what has happened in the past, who you are then and who you are now. I love you, no matter what.
  • 13 I was once a man loveless and drowning. But in the vast sea of loneliness, you reached out your hand and pulled me up from under. And the air I breathed in was nothing like before: it was warm, gentle and loving. For the first time–though a little weary–I was sure that this is what love is.
  • 14 I love you now, that is certain. I love you tomorrow, that is unquestionable. I love you always, that is guaranteed.
  • 15 I’d like you to know that you are precious and that you are special. And I would also like you to know that I love you because I just do, no reason needed, I just do.
  • 16 Your beauty goes beyond your physical appearance and takes my breath away.
  • 17 I’d be out in public sometimes and people would stare at me. They’re probably wondering why I’m all smiles. And if anyone did ask, I’d tell them it’s because you crossed my mind and I just remembered that I’m crazy in love with you.
  • 18 I love you and you love me and it’s because of this that we’re both able to bring out the best in each in other. Our love is not envious, it is not suffocating. Instead, it’s gentle and bright. It allows for both of us to shine through.
  • 19 You walked up to the door of my heart, knocked and whispered, “I love you” and as if knowing this would happen, my heart whispered “I love you” back.
  • 20 They say no relationship is perfect and that may be well and true. But what we have despite the imperfection, I believe, is better than perfect.
These I love you quotes for her from give you a handful of ways to express your love for the one who holds your heart. You can use these quotes as you greet her in the morning or as you bid her goodnight. You can also include them in a romantic handwritten letter for a special occasion. The possibilities are endless with these quotes, so pick out the ones that she will love!

Deep Love Quotes For Her

When your love for her runs deep, you have to find a way to let her know. However, if you’re not a gifted writer or you simply don’t know where to start, let these deep love quotes for her from help you out. These quotes express the ins and outs of love in a way that’s romantic and sometimes even poetic. Choose the one she’ll appreciate the most.

  • 21 It is my firm belief that you and I are destined for each other. Regardless of how many centuries may pass or how many lifetimes we have, our love will bring us together, no matter the circumstance.
  • 22 A kiss from the right person can sometimes feel like nourishment for the soul.
  • 23 To tell you the truth, as the years go by, this world seems to be getting a little unbearable. But spending it with you makes the journey worthwhile.
  • 24 You and I, we are a pair of souls who found each other amidst the chaos of this world. We agreed that we were destined to be together, and now our love is unrivaled.
  • 25 To thoroughly enjoy life and get the most out of it, I recommend sharing it with someone you unconditionally and utterly love. And for me, that someone is you.
  • 26 You give me the kind of love that novelists spend pages trying to describe.
  • 27 Love is always worth fighting for. It will get scary sometimes, but then I remember that it’s your love I’m aiming for, so I think I’m ready to face anything head-on.
  • 28 We each write a line in our poem, and we patiently wait for someone to write a line that perfectly rhymes with ours. And in this magical unison, we become complete.
  • 29 Under the singing beauty of the moon, you whispered you love me, and that echoed throughout my body and ended right in my heart.
  • 30 The love I have for you is somewhat a contradiction, for it relentlessly overwhelms my entire being with intense feelings that it renders me weak. But at the same time, it is gentle and nurturing that it gives me strength and makes me feel alive.
Express how much you love her through words that come from the heart with these deep love quotes for her from Let her feel just how much she has touched your heart by expressing how much you adore her through these sayings. Fair warning: if you say these quotes to her in person, she might get emotional and shed a tear or two because of how romantic they are!

Sweet Quotes For Her

What woman can resist a man who can say such sweet things at the drop of a hat? No one, that’s for sure! That’s why you should take note of these sweet quotes for her from the These adorably sweet yet romantic quotes will put a smile on her face. Send her one of these quotes to uplift her throughout the day, and she’ll fall in love with you even more.

  • 31 All the beauty and wonder of this world seem to disappear and settle in your eyes whenever I look at you.
  • 32 There are many reasons for a person to want someone, be it that they’re beautiful, smart, kind and what have you. For me, however, I need you because it’s what my heart tells me. I want you because simply put, there’s just no one else for me but you.
  • 33 Let me tell you a story about colors. I was at this party, alone and colorless. The party was loud and lively, but everything to me was dull. Then you gracefully entered the room and I could swear that as you were walking around everything came to life. Everything went from black and white to a spectacle of colors. It was like you painted the room with enough colors to make rainbows for a lifetime. That’s how I remember meeting you for the first time.
  • 34 It always feels like I’m dreaming when we’re together. And it’s hard to keep track of what is real and what is not. But then I feel your soft hands holding mine, and I’m reminded that this is what a dream come true feels like.
  • 35 I know we just started our journey together, but if ever I’m asked 20 years or even 60 years from now if I have any regrets spending my life with you. I’d look them in the eye and answer, “my life only felt complete when she entered it.”
If she makes you a better man, adds a little pep to your step, and gives you all these wonderful feelings, then she’s someone you’ll want to send these sayings to. These sweet quotes for her from can make any woman swoon. Combine saying these quotes with a few romantic gestures and she might start telling everyone that she’s with the most romantic person in the world!

Short Love Quotes For Her

Some women like to keep things short and simple. They’re not huge fans of overly flowery words that can border on hifalutin poetry. If you’re with someone who likes to get to the point but still enjoys the occasional sweet message, she’ll adore these short love quotes for her from Add them to some of your daily texts to add a little romance to your message.

  • 36 I am the best version of me when I’m with you.
  • 37 The beauty of your smile for me is second to none.
  • 38 If it’s all right with you, I’d like to spend eternity with you.
  • 39 From start to finish and above all else, I choose you.
  • 40 Be not afraid to fall, for I will catch you in no time at all.
Write it in a letter, use them to end a text message, or use them as quick captions for your social media posts. These short love quotes for her from give a hint of sweetness to any message. So, the next time you feel like being just a touch more romantic, pick out one of these quotes and use them. It’s a surefire way to make her smile!

Cute Love Quotes For Her

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager in love or you’re already middle-aged. A little cuteness will revitalize you and maybe even bring back memories of your early years together. Share a bit of this lightheartedness with her by sending her one of these cute love quotes for her from It might make her giggle like a giddy teenager, and there’s no way you won’t think that’s adorable!

  • 41 Your natural beauty astounds me like nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you just woke up or you’ve had a long day, in my eyes, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • 42 I used to compare you to a beautiful sunset with its mild hue, but I was sadly mistaken for you are like a blazing sunrise, vivid and radiant.
  • 43 I see the beauty of the stars in all their shining glory when I look into your eyes.
  • 44 If there is a word that I would use to describe myself ever since we’ve been together, it most definitely would be lucky.
  • 45 I get nightmares whenever my stupid dreams are about losing you. But then I breathe a sigh of relief when I get awoken by your tender touch.
Love quotes don’t always have to be emotional and dramatic. They don’t always have to be deep to get the point across. Sometimes, you can send a funny quote that relates to how much you love her and it will brighten up her day. So, pick out one of these cute love quotes for her from and send it to her to make her smile.

Love Sayings For Her

There are so many ways to answer the question, “How much do you love me?” You can stretch out your arms and answer, “this much” but that’s a little cliché. If you want her to know exactly how much you love her, these love sayings for her from are the perfect answer. They explain the extent of your love in a way that’s poetic and sweet.

  • 46 You are like my very own star in the sky because whenever I’m lost, all I have to do is find you and I’ll find my way back home.
  • 47 Love brings out this inexplicable feeling for us to better ourselves, and in the course of doing so, everything surrounded by our love gets better too.
  • 48 Some of the farthest stars in our universe take about 9 billion years for its light to get to us. Now imagine the farthest one there is and that getting there is how long my love for you will last. My love will outlast all the stars in the universe.
  • 49 Love without effort would not prosper and flourish. Love is not just a feeling—some work must be put into it.
  • 50 Falling in love is like jumping off a building with the hope that before you hit the ground, someone is there to snatch you away from certain doom. In a way, love is an act of faith, it’s like venturing into the unknown and knowing that because you’re together, everything will turn out fine.

There are so many ways to express your love for someone. If you choose to use words, you’ll want some inspiration from quotes that eloquently explain how much you love her. These love sayings for her from do exactly that. So, select one of these sayings and send them to her. This will show her just how deeply you love her.

It’s not always easy to find the right words to say to the woman you love. Sometimes, you just run out of words to express your love. To help you with that, pick out one of these love quotes for her from These sayings can help show her exactly how much you love her. Use them on special occasions. You can also send them to her throughout the day as a sweet gesture. If you enjoyed these quotes don’t forget to follow us on social media and share these quotes with your friends!

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