Inspirational Quotes

When you feel like you’re being dragged down by imminent failure, like you’ve got nothing left to do but succumb to the negativity it brings, let hope shine anew with this list of the best inspirational quotes. This collection of sayings from compiles quotes for every occasion. Whether you want a little inspiration or positive quotes about success, this list has it all. We’ve got a huge assortment of quotes for every occasion, from short sayings to hard-hitting ones. Forget wallowing in misery and focusing on failure. Instead, inspire yourself to strive for success!

Best Inspirational Quotes

What makes a great inspirational quote? They should be the ones that awaken your drive to succeed. They should be quotes that make you feel reinvigorated even after you’ve struggled. They should remind you not to quit.  The greatest inspirational quotes are ones that keep you going even if you’re faced with the thought of failure. This is our list of the best inspirational quotes from They’ll definitely reignite your drive!

  • 1 Never simply give up trying to accomplish what you really want in life. If there’s love, inspiration follows. You can do no wrong when those two come together.
  • 2 In this world, there are two types of people: people who want to accomplish great things and people who are afraid to make mistakes.
  • 3 Many people dream of doing great things in the world. But some choose to stay awake and make it happen.
  • 4 Life becomes interesting when there are challenges. Overcoming these challenges is what makes life worthwhile.
  • 5 Never aim for perfection. Instead, aim for success. Let yourself make mistakes so you can continue to learn from them and improve. If you live your life aiming to be perfect, you will forever be haunted by the fear that you’ll never be enough.
  • 6 Learn to believe in what you can achieve. There is something within you that’s much greater than any challenge life throws your way.
  • 7 Go at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get somewhere as long as you never stop moving forward.
  • 8 You need to wake up determined each morning so that you can go to bed satisfied.
  • 9 Glory isn’t about being scared to taste the bitterness of failure. Glory is about getting back up each time you fall.
  • 10 Success is not about never failing. It’s about rising up from failure to failure without losing your drive.
This list of the best inspirational quotes from reminds you that every day has the potential to help you succeed. Let these sayings keep you going no matter how hard the journey to success may seem. All the great thinkers, inspirational figures, and successful people in the world faced their own set of pitfalls, and yet they rose above it all. You can too when you use these quotes for inspiration.

Short Inspirational Quotes

Inspiration can be short and sweet. Sometimes, all you need is a short saying to help you get through those days when you feel like a failure. The amazing thing about short inspirational quotes is that they can say so much with only a few words. These great quotes from can help you rise back up even after faltering. Carve these words into your heart and recall them each time you need a boost!

  • 11 Now is the best time to start becoming what you might have been.
  • 12 Cherish all the ups and downs in life because that’s how you learn.
  • 13 If you think you can’t do something, prove yourself wrong.
  • 14 Don’t be scared of being slow in your journey; be scared of reaching a standstill.
  • 15 Getting knocked down doesn’t matter. What matters is how you react.
  • 16 If you go through hell, remember that there’s light at the end of your struggle.
  • 17 Life will never be easy. But it will be worthwhile.
  • 18 Aim for progress forged by mistakes. Forget perfection.
  • 19 Every expert started off as a beginner.
  • 20 No amount of inspiration, motivation, or talent can ever substitute hard work.
A handful of words can be all you need to feel inspired and ready to take on life’s many challenges. These quotes can spur you on and help you finally reach your goal. Keep them in mind and take them to heart. Let them be the words that push you towards success. Make them your personal motto. There are so many ways you can use these short inspirational quotes from!

Inspiration Quotes

Inspiration is something that all of us have experienced at some point or another, and yet it’s hard to figure out what that actually is. Inspiration can jolt us awake and have us feeling like we can do anything we set our mind to. However, inspiration isn’t always that easy to come by. To help attract some inspiration to keep you motivated, perhaps some of these inspirational quotes from can help!

  • 21 Inspiration comes unexpectedly. It can come in the dead of the night when your mind is at rest. It can hit you right after you wake up. There is no right formula for gaining inspiration – you simply have to wait and work for it to happen.
  • 22 Many of us are dealt the worst possible hand. But having a bad hand won’t stop you from winning. Life is all about playing a bad hand the best way you can.
  • 23 Never say that you don’t have time for anything. There are exactly 24 hours in a day, the same number of hours given to the world’s greatest minds. It all comes down to using those hours wisely.
  • 24 You need to learn to accept all the challenges that life throws your way. You can’t expect success when you only take on challenges you know you can overcome.
  • 25 Being good may be fine for some, but mediocrity is the disease of greatness.
  • 26 We have yet to invent a time machine to give you can make a brand new start. But you can start now and create a brand new ending.
  • 27 Do everything to the best of your ability and you’ll be satisfied in knowing that you did all that you could.
  • 28 Success is being able to live your life your own way, on your own terms.
  • 29 There is only a tiny difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary – Pushing yourself just that tiny bit more.
  • 30 Just being in the right mindset can lead you halfway to your goal.
Awaken your ingenuity, your imagination, and your creativity with these inspirational quotes from These quotes and sayings put you in the right mindset to accomplish anything you put your mind to. These wise sayings may sometimes be all you need to spark the brilliance that will lead you to success. Pick out the ones that call out to you and use them as fuel for your next creative endeavor!

Inspirational Sayings

Everyone needs some inspirational sayings in their life. Whether you’re a student who’s bogged down by exams, a professional working a 9-5 job, or a writer on a deadline, inspiration helps you get your tasks done. With these inspirational sayings from, you can gain inspiration simply by reading the wise words of others. Pick out the one that you can relate to the most and let them motivate you!

  • 31 Never let others limit you simply because they can’t imagine what you can accomplish. Likewise, don’t limit others because you can’t comprehend what they might achieve.
  • 32 Wha you give to the world is more important that what you receive.
  • 33 Mistakes help us learn. But life is too short to learn all our lessons from our own mistakes. That’s why it’s important to also learn from the mistakes of other people.
  • 34 When results aren’t you expect, make the best of it. Then, do something to improve them the next time.
  • 35 It’s not the burden of your tasks that will weigh you down. Sometimes it’s the way you carry them.
  • 36 Don’t let fears and frustrations push you towards a downward spiral of failure. Let your dreams and aspirations lead you toward success.
  • 37 Wishing lets us know what it is we want. It’s hard work that actually gives it to us.
  • 38 Work always comes before success. If you believe you can achieve success without lifting a finger, you are gravely mistaken.
  • 39 You will find a way to do something if you know how important it is. If it’s not that important, you will always find an excuse.
  • 40 Crawl, walk, run, or fly – it doesn’t matter how you get to your goal as long as you keep moving.
Get into the right mindset with these inspirational sayings from When you have the right perspective, you can often find novel ways to do what needs to be done. A little inspiration can go a long way in helping you move closer to success, so don’t discount just how much they can do for you. Pick out the one that suits your situation and use these sayings to fuel your creativity!

Inspirational Quotes for Students

Being a student is tough. You’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You are ready to take on anything. However, when you’re constantly bombarded with exams, projects, papers, and constant deadlines, it’s easy to lose sight of your dreams. Worry not because these inspirational quotes for students from will show you how your hard work will pay off. You’re the next generation of thinkers, so use these wise sayings to help you excel at school and at life!

  • 41 Students are like sponges. When they absorb the right coaching, the right mindset, and the right work ethic, they become model citizens of the future.
  • 42 Never lose sight of your goal. No matter how far it may seem, everyone has to take that first step.
  • 43 Everything you do in this life can make a difference. What you have to decide is the kind of difference you want to make in this world.
  • 44 There’s not much difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Where they differ is in their motivation to reach their full potential.
  • 45 Every destination requires a journey. It is impossible to skip straight to the end.
  • 46 Look at failure as a chance to begin again with more knowledge.
  • 47 Giving up can often be so tempting if you’ve failed one too many times. But the surest route to success is to try again just one more time.
  • 48 Never wish for anything to be easier. Wish for the ability to become better.
  • 49 You don’t need to be great to begin your journey to success. However, if you wish to become great, you have to start somewhere.
  • 50 Success is the culmination of all your efforts, no matter how big or small. Success comes not simply by doing things but by repeating them and improving every day.
Being in school means you’re in the best place to learn new and exciting things. You can learn important lessons in life both inside and outside of the classroom. On days when you feel like you need a little boost to help you get through another day, turn to this list of inspirational quotes for students from They can put into words some life lessons that others take a lifetime to learn.

Inspirational Quotes about Success

What is success? For some, it’s about finally becoming rich and famous. For others, it’s a happy family. Sometimes success is a moving target that keeps shifting. Others even count themselves successful if they’re happy. Some don’t even know what their definition of what success is! No matter your definition, you’re sure to find greater insight in these inspirational quotes about success from Let them lead you to your idea of success.

  • 51 You are not successful because you have never fallen. Your success relies on how well you can recover after each fall.
  • 52 Plans can sometimes be overrated. There are times when you just need to breathe in, trust the process, and see where life takes you. You’d be surprised how much you can learn when you just let go.
  • 53 Put your all into everything you do, no matter how small. This is the difference between mediocrity and success.
  • 54 Failure is essential. It makes success feel all the sweeter.
  • 55 Success isn’t about never making mistakes. It’s about learning from every mistake and never making them again.
Success is different for everyone, and yet everyone strives for it. Whether you want money or fame or love, or a family, success requires hard work. While not everyone likes the idea of working hard to achieve success, it does become easier with the right mindset. What better way to have the right mindset than with some quotes from Let these inspirational quotes about success put you in the frame of mind to reach your zenith.

Most Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are one thing, but sometimes we need that hard-hitting quote that slaps us out of our rut and gets us going again. A few tough-love words of wisdom can jolt us awake and make us realize how far we’ve come. When you need that shove, turn to the most inspirational quotes from These quotes toughen you up and make you feel like you can take on the world!

  • 56 It doesn’t matter where you came from or how you started. What really matters is where you’re headed.
  • 57 Don’t regret the things you’ve done to get where you are. Think about the things yo need to do do to go even further.
  • 58 Challenges can make life difficult. Despite this, know that there will always be something you can succeed at.
  • 59 Working hard sets your pace for achieving your goal. Perseverance keeps you going even when hard work starts to feel too hard.
  • 60 Failing and giving up is a tragedy. An even worse tragedy is when you realize that getting up just one more time would have finally led to your success.
The most inspirational quotes you’ll ever hear are the ones that hit home and strike a chord. They’re the ones that, if you were a weaker person, would leave you feeling dejected. You’re not weak, and you’re not going to give up easily! This inspirational list of quotes from gives you a taste of tough love that will pull you up from rock bottom and get you back on your feet.

Positive Inspirational Quotes

When someone tells you to stay positive, it can sometimes feel like a cliché. In reality, positivity does a person good because of how it can change the way you act. Positivity helps you shed the heaviness of self-doubt and pessimism. It restarts your outlook and helps you see things in a better light. These positive inspiration quotes from can help you find the silver lining in every endeavor you take on.

  • 61 Inspiration isn’t some outside force that suddenly visits you. It comes from within. It’s the manifestation of your positivity. When you are positive, inspiration comes easier.
  • 62 “Too old” is something people say when they have given up. There’s no such thing as “too old” to someone who’s not afraid to set a new goal.
  • 63 Dwell not on failure. Instead, see the beauty of life. There is so much in this world to be thankful for. Let it inspire you to become better.
  • 64 Do something not because you will be rewarded or because you were told to. Do it because it has to be done.
  • 65 Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength. Use each failure as an opportunity to grow.

Add a little positivity to your life on days when you feel like giving up. You never know just how a little positivity can push you so much closer to your goal. By looking at the bright side, you’re shedding yesterday’s failures and turning them into opportunities to become better. You’re adding a beacon of hope where there once was darkness. Let these positive inspirational quotes from guide the way!

Inspiration may be hard to come by, but it gets easier when you have a handful of quotes to keep you positive. Some of the best sayings about success can be enough to help professionals and students stay inspired and achieve success in everything they do. No matter how short or long, these inspirational quotes from will get you through almost any hardship. So say goodbye to thoughts of failure when you have these quotes on hand. Share this list with your friends on social media and don’t forget to follow us!

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