Smile Quotes about Smiling

This list will definitely turn your frown upside down and put a huge grin on your face because today, we will be giving you our absolute top picks for the best smile quotes! Just reading the word “smile” stretches your lips and puts your mouth in the right position to smile. In this list, we’ll be giving you all sorts of smile quotes—from making someone smile to funny smile sayings to cute one-liners about smiling. These quotes about beautiful smiles from will inspire you to grin. So practice that grin and read on for the best smile quotes!

Best Smile Quotes

The list of the best smile quotes from starts off with some meaningful quotes about life and how smiling can actually make your life better. Smiles are so catchy that when you flash a smile to a crowd of people, they can’t help but to smile right back at you. So here are some of the best quotes about the many wonders of smiling. Use them to spread good vibes!

  • 1 When you meet someone who doesn’t have a smile, you can give them yours.
  • 2 Your smile can change the world, but don’t let the negativity of the world change your smile.
  • 3 Humanity needs smiles like flowers need the sunshine.
  • 4 Your smile is a curve of the lips that can set everything straight.
  • 5 You know you’re really happy when you can smile even if no one can see it.
  • 6 Never withhold a smile when you know it can make someone’s day. Share your smile, let it spread, and watch how it can change people.
  • 7 Some of the problems we encounter in life can slowly disappear if we just learn to smile.
  • 8 A smile is one of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets. A sense of humor and a great approach to life can instantly make you look and feel younger.
  • 9 Crack a smile and you’ll find the happiness you seek right under your nose.
  • 10 Wear a smile wherever you go. You never know who’s going to fall in love with it.
When was the last time you smiled like a giddy child? How about the last time you flashed a shy smile because of a cheeky thought? Often the things that make us smile make an imprint in our mind, and just thinking about them instantly brings a smile to your face. Those happy thoughts can be contagious in the best way possible. So spread the smiles with the best smile quotes from!

Quotes About Smiling

Did you know that smiling gives you lots of health benefits? Just the mere act of smiling for no reason can instantly make our brains send out happy hormones. This is why you should never underestimate the power of a smile. From smiles that barely touch the corners of your mouth to those that are threatening to explode into laughter, has the right quotes about smiling for you!

  • 11 Never hold back your smile even when you’re alone. When you smile at a stranger on the street, you might just make their day.
  • 12 When you want to heal your soul, start from the outside. Put a smile on your face and you’ll start to feel warmer inside.
  • 13 You can change the world by making just one person smile. One happy person can be enough to make a happy community.
  • 14 A smile can bridge any distance. Learn to smile even when you’re saying goodbye. The memory of your smile can travel to any corner of the globe.
  • 15 Even if you smile for just half a second, it can spark the joy your soul needs.
  • 16 No matter how complicated life may be, a smile will often improve things.
  • 17 Smiling even if you don’t feel like it can trigger a memory of a time when you meant it. This can be enough to change your mood ever so slightly.
  • 18 When you count your age by your friends and not your years, you will feel younger. When you count your life by your smiles and not your tears, you will feel happier.
  • 19 Take life in stride. Take the good things along with the bad. Take every smile with the tears. Life is all about balance.
  • 20 Your smile leaves an impression on everyone you meet. It’s like a business card that people recall. When you flash them your most genuine smile, it’s what they’ll remember about you.
We only have a handful of moments each day, so don’t spend them glowering! Don’t worry about getting smile lines and crow’s feet when you get older. Always find a reason to smile. No matter how small the reason, the joy a smile brings can be enormous. These quotes about smiling from show you the huge impact a smile can make!

Cute Smile Quotes

The cutest smiles in the world are the genuine ones that suddenly bloom in someone’s face. Children are often quick to smile because of their innocence. Adults, on the other hand, are usually more reserved. If you’re thrifty about your smiles, this list is for you. These cute smile quotes from can make just about anyone crack a tiny grin. Make it your stepping stone to being more generous with your smiles!

  • 21 He gave me a smile so sweet yet so shy that I felt an unexpected warmth pooling in my cheeks.
  • 22 Wrinkles may come with age, but they are a reminder of all the times you’ve smiled in your life.
  • 23 My favorite people are those who can make you smile by just being the same room as you.
  • 24 When you find yourself so busy trying to change the world, remember that for some people, one smile is all it takes to change their world.
  • 25 Even the memory of your smile can light up my day. Your smile is so beautiful that my mind can’t help but recall it all the time.
  • 26 Everyone can become a hundred times more beautiful with a smile.
  • 28 When I kiss you, I love how I can feel you smiling too.
  • 29 I can live with peace forever knowing that I once put a smile on your face.
  • 30 Smile at your friends, but also smile at your enemies. Your friends will be pleased to see you so happy, and nothing will annoy your enemies more.
Quotes are only as cute as the smiles they describe. Thankfully, these cute smile quotes from are downright adorable! So the next time you’re about to frown or scowl because you’re feeling sad, go the more positive route and think of these quotes instead. After all, the wrinkles you get from smiling and being happy are much more attractive than the ones you’ll get from frowning all the time!

Love Smile Quotes

Attraction starts with a simple greeting and a smile. When it later evolves into love when you can’t help but smile whenever you’re together. Soon enough, you create a smile that’s reserved especially for the one you love, and no one else can see it. Love and smiling go hand in hand, which is why we’ve compiled some of the best love smile quotes from

  • 31 Frowning is a sign of fear, but smiling is a sign of love.
  • 32 If you can only muster up one more smile, give it to the ones you love.
  • 33 Math, science, history—these teach us to think and challenge our minds. But love, it teaches you a priceless lesson—that of smiling.
  • 34 Keep a smile on your face and love with everything you’ve got.
  • 35 If I ever cross your mind again, I want you to remember the smile on my face and how you put it there.
  • 36 A smile is a gift you give freely. It is an act of love that you can share with anyone.
  • 37 When I look at people and they smile at me, I know that I am loved. With all this love we pass on through smiling, why should we worry?
  • 38 The best way to introduce yourself to someone is with a smile and a simple hello.
  • 39 I can give you my smile and we can bask in our shared joy.
  • 40 When you love someone, their smile is enough to make you feel like you can take on the world.
A smile is a very simple gesture. Even babies know how to smile. However, despite its simplicity, a smile can change the world. How many friendships were formed because of a simple smile? How many relationships blossomed? How many people stopped fighting because of a smile? These love smile quotes from answer the question of how such a simple movement of the face can bring so much happiness to others.

Your Smile Quotes

Everyone’s smile is beautiful in its own way. However, there will always be that some smiles that make your heart suddenly skip a beat. It could be the smile of a lover, but sometimes it’s the caring smile of a mother or the reassuring smile of a friend. Sometimes it’s the genuine grin of a stranger in the street. Quotes about your smile from describe how someone’s smile can make you feel.

  • 41 You make life worth living when you smile.
  • 42 You have the power to kill me because I stop breathing when you smile.
  • 43 Before we met, I never knew it was possible to just look at you and smile for no reason.
  • 44 Your smile can best the sun in its ability to brighten up my day.
  • 45 There is no greater joy in this life than seeing you smile.
  • 46 I’ve found that I can cheer myself up in an instant by just thinking of your smile.
  • 47 If I can see your pain, it means you can share your sadness with me. If I can see your joy, it means you can share your smile with me.
  • 48 You get to keep your smile even if you give it away to others. It’s the best way to live a long and happy life.
  • 49 Your smile is a pleasant dream, and all the world’s poems rise up to sing its praises.
  • 50 Your beautiful smile is the best blessing you can ever give to anyone.
We give different smiles to different people in our lives. You give a wicked grin to your partner in crime. You give your mom a childish smile. To friends, you give them that sassy half-smirk. Do you ever wonder how your smile affects the people around you? With your smile quotes from, you don’t have to wonder anymore. A smile’s a smile, and it’s always good to have lots of them around!

Beautiful Smile Quotes

Have you ever seen a smile so beautiful that you can’t get it out of your head? These beautiful smile quotes from describe exactly what it’s like to see a drop-dead gorgeous smile. Whether you feel admiration, infatuation, or genuine love, you can sometimes fall speechless because of someone’s smile. The next time you can’t find the words to describe someone smile, pick one of these quotes and share it with them.

  • 51 Just one smile—a movement of the lips paired with a playful twinkle in the eyes—can change the world.
  • 52 One thing you need in your life is a person who can always put a smile on your face.
  • 53 Your smile doesn’t need to be perfect for it to make life more beautiful.
  • 54 Of all the regrets you can have in this life, never regret anything that once made you smile.
  • 55 You will always be somebody’s reason to smile.
Count yourself blessed if someone has ever given you their most beautiful smile. It can mean they care about you or it could be that you are the reason they’re smiling. Let these beautiful smile quotes from help you process what you’re feeling when you see a lovely grin. While you’re at it, keep in mind that there might have been a time when someone was rendered breathless by your smile!

Smile Quotes For Her

When her smile catches you off guard, you might feel like your heart has ceased to beat and you’ve died and gone to heaven. If this is how you feel when your girl smiles at you, you need to send her one of these smile quotes for her from Give her many more reasons to smile with these short, sweet, and romantic quotes about how much you love her smile.

  • 56 She sang of love with a twinkle in her eye, and created magic with just one smile.
  • 57 The best thing I can wear is the smile you gave me.
  • 58 There are 7 billion people in this world, 7 billion smiles. And yet yours is my favorite.
  • 59 Your smile has changed through the years and yet I find myself falling in love with it over and over again.
  • 60 I sometimes wonder if my smile could ever be as bright as yours. It certainly can be, but it can never be as beautiful.

There are more ways to say “I love your smile” than simply stating it. These smile quotes for her from show you the many creative ways you can tell someone that their smile is the finest thing you’ve seen. Tell her that she’s the reason you always have a silly smile on your face through these cute quotes. If she beams with delight, then you know you’ve said the right thing!

Quotes That Make You Smile

Funny and creative sayings about smiling can make you smile too! These quotes that make you smile from emphasize how sometimes, simply talking about smiling can bring a smile to your face. It’s just like yawning, only a lot more pleasing. Read these quotes when you need a reason to smile or share them when you want to bring a smile to someone’s face. These quotes can spread the joy to anyone!

  • 61 Your smile is so powerful that you can break ice with it.
  • 62 Gratitude is a light that puts a smile on everything.
  • 63 In life, you will meet people who will make you laugh louder, smile wider, and live better.
  • 64 Nothing makes a man weaker in the knees than a woman who knows the power of her smile.
  • 65 You must always have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they’re not around.
Which of these sayings made you smile the most? Usually, the quote that makes you crack the biggest smile is the one you can relate to at the time. There are also times when quotes about smiling makes you feel nostalgic about happy times in the past. So whether you’re in love, happy with life, or missing someone, you can find the right quote for you in’s list of quotes that make you smile.

Funny Smile Quotes

A wise man once said that smiles are laughs that haven’t fully grown yet. Perhaps he’s right because a smile is often a precursor to a loud and roaring guffaw that reverberates around the room. When you’re looking to laugh about the oddities of smiles, check out this list of funny smile quotes from Even if they don’t make you laugh, they’ll at least make you smirk!

  • 66 I keep seeing people who smile at me as if they know me. I smile back and just pretend I know them too.
  • 67 Keep a smile on your face. It makes people wonder what’s going on in your head.
  • 68 A smile can take you a long way. But you can get farther when you have a gun too.
  • 69 No one will notice that you’re wearing the same shirt when you have a big smile.
  • 70 You can smile for a few seconds, but anything longer than that is just showing teeth.
Laughter is the best remedy for a gloomy day. When you feel like you can’t bring yourself to smile, these funny smile quotes from will do the trick! Turn to them when you need a reason to laugh. Share them with someone who can use a good chuckle. They may not chase away your problems, but they can help you forget your problems for a moment. Sometimes, that’s enough to lift you back up!

Famous Smile Quotes

Public figures often have the best quotes about smiling. They are in the public eye so often that they know the value of a genuine, private smile as opposed to one that’s just for the public. In’s list of famous smile quotes, you’ll find many inspirational tidbits about the significance of smile. Whether it’s a smile that heals, one about the community, or one about beauty, you’ll find a quote about it below.

  • 71 Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest playwrights in history, if not the greatest. His way with words shaped the English language as we know it today.

  • 72 “A smile cures the wounding of a frown.” -Shakespeare

  • 73 Einstein was a physicist who also penned several quotes about life. He was proof of how well a scientist can understand the power of human connections.

  • 74 “Man is here for the sake of other men–above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.” -Einstein

  • 75 Scott Fitzgerald’s stories are about the decadence of the roaring Jazz Age. This quote is taken from Tender is the Night, the last novel he ever wrote.

  • 76 “It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” – Scott Fitzgerald

  • 77 Leo Tolstoy is regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time. While many of novels feature sadness, he also highlights the importance of a smile.

  • 78 “It seems to me that what we call beauty in a face lies in the smile.” – Leo Tolstoy

  • 79 Charlie Chaplin, a star in silent films, knows exactly how different kinds of smile can evoke different emotions when playing in a movie with no sound or dialog.

  • 80 “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” – Charlie Chaplin

When you know the story of these famous personalities, you will know why they view smiles the way they do. F. Scott Fitzgerald, for example, led a chaotic and ultimately tragic life despite writing about characters who partied all day and all night. Shakespeare’s quote is also sad because it’s about the tragic story of Venus and Adonis. We hope these famous smile quotes from also show you the depth of a smile.

Smile Quotes Sayings

Lastly, we move on to some smile quotes and sayings from These sayings about smiles point out how smiling gives both you and its recipients many benefits. Aside from making you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, smiling at someone can also cheer them up. So flash your pearly whites whenever you can. Beam like a ray of sunshine even on a cloudy day. You might just make someone’s day!

  • 81 A real man can smile in the face of trouble. He becomes stronger with challenges and braver by experience.
  • 82 The universal language of kindness is a smile.
  • 83 Some people smile because they’re happy, but others are happy because they know how to smile.
  • 84 The world will never stop giving you reasons to smile. The challenge is finding all those reasons.
  • 85 You may forget a split-second smile, but to the person who needed it most, that smile can last forever.

When you see someone having a bad day, flash a smile for him to spread a tiny bit of joy. When your friend needs comforting, give them a reassuring smile to show how much you care. These smile quotes and sayings from further give you proof that a simple smile can make anyone’s day. In fact, smiles can heal the soul better than any kind of medicine. Give yours to someone today!

This list of the best smile quotes show you the power of such a simple gesture. Whether you want smile quotes about love, laughter, for him, for her, or for inspiration, this list has it all. Turn to this list when you need the perfect saying about how smiles can make the world a better place. Choose a romantic quote for when someone’s smile takes your breath away. Select the perfect saying for days when you want a quick laugh. Share these best smile quotes with your friends and on social media to make their day so much brighter!

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