Happiness Quotes & Happy Quotes

Happiness is one of the few positive human emotions, which makes it a highly coveted sensation and state of mind, so if you’re thinking, “I want that”, you’ll want some happy quotes to improve your mood. These happiness quotes are great in times of trouble when it seems like the sun has dropped behind the clouds forever. Thecutequotes.com has thousands of happy quotes to delight and inspire.

Best Happy Quotes

People look for happiness and fulfillment in different ways, and these happy quotes will show you that there are several ways to achieve your goal. Just because you’re not on a “typical” route to happiness doesn’t mean you are lost and won’t find it. Thecutequotes.com has a selection of the best happy quotes demonstrating just how varied these routes can be.

  • 1 What is a mother’s happiness? It is a light shining into the future, but also illuminating the past in the form of pleasant memories.
  • 2 Life has no value other than that which you create. Happiness does not exist unless you make it for yourself.
  • 3 Happiness can only arise in a person that has control over their remorse. Use it to learn and become better.
  • 4 Happiness is being frank and honest even though that makes you vulnerable.
  • 5 Happiness awaits those that are energetic and noble. It awaits those that are refined and cordial. No suffering can threaten them.
  • 6 Happiness is helping those that may confront us.
  • 7 Happiness is one thing in life that increases when you share it, much like you can light hundreds of candles using just one.
  • 8 You are the foundation for your own happiness, your own best friend. Relying on others for happiness is a fool’s errand.
  • 9 Find happiness in small things, like a beautiful sunrise. Stop and acknowledge the magic of being alive.
  • 10 Happiness is doing good even though you know it will be forgotten.
These are the best happy quotes we thought could be inspirational and motivational to you. Thecutequotes.com has many more than can make you think: “ Dang, I am happy!” It often happens that we are joyous without realizing it, strange as it might be. Sometimes, it’s important not to want too much happiness, because we can lose the things that gave us joy.

Happiness Quotes

They say happiness is a choice that you have to work towards. The best quotes about being happy are those that convince you, rarely in more than a dozen words, of how true and applicable these quotes are to many situations. These happiness quotes on thecutequotes.com make us realize that we are, in fact, happier than we think, and make us appreciate what we have more, and care less about what we don’t have.

  • 11 Happiness is loving people even when they are egotistical, unreasonable, and illogical.
  • 12 Happiness is “doing good unto others” even if they accuse you of having ulterior motives.
  • 13 An undisciplined mind or heart yield no happiness.
  • 14 Find pleasure and happiness in doing good. Charity yields real joy.
  • 15 If you search for happiness by causing pain, you’ll never be delivered from suffering and hatred.
  • 16 Let go of whatever is not yours. Long-term happiness awaits you.
  • 17 Happiness follows one that acts with a pure mind.
  • 18 Our most common mistake is looking for happiness from without. Thinking another person can make us happy or unhappy is ludicrous.
  • 19 In your search for happiness, do not oppress others. Your happiness will be synthetic and hollow.
  • 20 Happiness comes people that appreciate what they already possess and strive to take things forward.
Folks believe certain things will make them happy, but that isn’t always the case. These happiness quotes have proven that there are certain routes you can take in life that will lead to happiness and ones that will lead to anything but. It is when we take the latter direction that we begin to appreciate what we had – alas, too late. Some of the quotes coming up right here on thecutequotes.com will be very useful to you.

Short Happy Quotes

Quotes don’t have to be long to be inspirational. The essence of true happiness can sometimes be expressed in just a few words. Thecutequotes.com has a list of short happy quotes that shows how simple things can be. There’s no need to over-think or overstress. Being happy can just be the act of letting things happen. Enjoy our list of short quotes.

  • 21 You are happy when your mind is at peace.
  • 22 Happiness is being free, having good friends and a good family.
  • 23 Happiness is desiring what you get and success is getting what you desire.
  • 24 Learn to enjoy the present. The benefit is twofold: it will make you happy now and it will become a pleasant memory.
  • 25 All people can cause happiness. They just do it at different times. Some do it wherever they go. Learn from them.
  • 26 Happiness doesn’t come from ownership of material goods. It comes from within.
  • 27 Happiness lies in the thrill of creative effort and the pleasure of achievement.
  • 28 Be mindful of the now, for what is life but a series of fleeting moments?
  • 29 Happiness is attractive.
  • 30 Real happiness is attained by committing to a worthy cause.
This section of short quotes about happiness and joy creates connections between happiness and other aspects of life, such as freedom, success, and personal enjoyment, offering an innovative and unconventional perspective of the relationships between these things. At thecutequotes.com, we advocate for self-determination. Happiness will always come from within.

Joy Quotes

The joy quotes section introduces the difference between happiness and joy. They are not the same. Joy is a transient emotion that can be quite intense, but relatively short-lived, while happiness is a deeper, more lasting feeling of comfort and satisfaction. This isn’t to say they have nothing in common. Happy people are more likely to experience joy. Thecutequotes.com will help you see how people are able to find joy in different situations.

  • 31 Joy draws all good things towards you, like the fragrance of a flower.
  • 32 The one great joy in this life is to have known love.
  • 33 Your joy and success lie in you. You and your joy form an invincible bond against hardship and sorrow.
  • 34 Joy is in little things: a breathtaking sunset, the first snow, the giggle of a child. Grand events don’t bring joy. Rather, it comes in small doses.
  • 35 Joy is a butterfly, which will fly away if you pursue it. If you wait, it will come.
  • 36 Those who are grateful and attentive don’t have to chase joy – it’s always right in front of them.
  • 37 Be happy with the life you have created for yourself and excited about what you plan to achieve.
  • 38 Enjoy and savor every minute. Don’t wait for external things to bring you joy.
  • 39 Joy is to be experienced in the present, not put off for the future.
  • 40 Joyfulness is contagious.
Joy is a brief, fleeting moment in time, but as these joy quotes show, it is one that must be savored and appreciated to the fullest possible extent. What are the secrets to experiencing joy as often as possible? We at thecutequotes.com think it’s all about looking inside yourself. Do not expect others to bring you joy (or anything else), but appreciate it and be grateful when they do.

Being Happy Quotes

Happiness is a choice, but also a state of mind. Positive people are much more likely to experience it and less likely to focus on negative occurrences in their lives and circumstances. Thecutequotes.com’s quotes on being happy will deal with the best approaches to attaining happiness. We hope you’ll be inspired.

  • 41 Having a great attitude is as important as having a good heart. Your attitude will ensure both short and long term happiness come to you and your loved ones.
  • 42 Doing what you love will make you much happier than being famous or rich.
  • 43 Life gives us more than enough opportunities to get offended, angry, or stressed. Since these emotions are inevitable, try not to let little things overpower your happiness. As the Disney Princess said, Let it Go.
  • 44 Learn to forgive. Not for the person that offended you, but for yourself. Holding onto grudges isn’t healthy.
  • 45 You cannot own, travel to, wear, earn, or consume happiness. Being happy is an emotional experience derived from what you accomplish.
Of course, there’s a lot more to being happy than quotes from thecutequotes.com, but maybe you can see how some simple words can shift your perspective. Living with grace, love, and gratitude is not as simple as it sounds, but neither is being happy. If it were, everyone would be happy! Nevertheless, we believe it is paramount to mention that happiness is worth fighting for!

Quotes about Happiness and Love

To paraphrase the great Sigmund Freud, there are two components to happiness – work and love. If you have a job you like and someone who loves you, you don’t need anything else to be happy. The relationship between happiness and love is undeniable. The following quotes about happiness and love compiled by thecutequotes.com illustrate the wondrous complexity of this relationship.

  • 46 A true friend will show their love in times of trouble.
  • 47 Only one key opens the doors to happiness, and that is love.
  • 48 True happiness comes from loving and giving.
  • 49 Happiness is the key to success, not vice versa. Loving what you do guarantees success.
  • 50 To draw happiness from material objects, you first need to satisfy more fundamental needs for love, accomplishment, and respect.
Maybe even Freud himself didn’t know how right he was. Even in his day – the Victorian era – his own quotes about work, love, and happiness struck a chord. Here at thecutequotes.com, we wish you happiness in your job, with your family, and with your friends. It doesn’t take Freud to deduce being happy in all facets of your life is a pretty decent step towards overall happiness.

Happy Inspirational Quotes

Now is the time to go a bit deeper and into some truly inspirational territory. The quotes in this thecutequotes.com section are relatively complex, and we had a truly amazing time compiling them and grasping their essence. And it made us – you guessed it – happy! Please enjoy and be motivated by our happy inspirational quotes.

  • 51 Happiness comes from overcoming challenges, not from remaining stagnant and doing what is easy.
  • 52 While you don’t choose your emotions, you do choose how you respond to them.
  • 53 Follow your heart and trust your intuition. Your intuition is what you know without realizing it. From the very beginning, follow your heart and stand up for what you believe in. If that’s not the road to happiness, there is no road.
  • 54 Thinking positively will have a huge bearing on your happiness. If you find yourself thinking negatively, try to reframe the situation as something different.
  • 55 Happiness is governed by our own agency. It is not contingent upon the approval of others.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to thecutequotes.com’s inspirational quotes about happiness. They motivate people to be the best they can be and give difficult tasks their all. To taste the joy of success, you need to work for it. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

True Happiness Quotes

As the following true happiness quotes will show that it doesn’t come from being famous, rich, or successful in your career. It certainly doesn’t come from indulging in vices. The potential for true happiness is first tapped in childhood, where a child’s health and environment are everything.  In the following section, thecutequotes.com takes a look at some of the secrets to discovering true happiness.

  • 56 To have peace, enjoy good health, and bring true happiness to your loved ones, you must first learn how to control your own mind. If you discipline your mind, all virtues and wisdom will come to you.
  • 57 As people race to find true happiness, the futile effort of pursuing it wears them out.
  • 58 How do you win the fight for true happiness? Start by learning to value yourself.
  • 59 Happiness eludes those who expect too much of it.
  • 60 True happiness is being able to go without some of the things you desire.
As these true happiness quotes suggest, it is a relative thing. To some, true happiness means being able to take a nap on weekdays. To others, it can be going fishing. Still, others think they would be happy if they inherited boatloads of money. We at thecutequotes.com believe true happiness is something that lasts a lifetime, and the best way to obtain it is by helping others.

Happy Sayings

What makes a saying different from a quote? Generally, sayings are short, commonly used, and present a thought or belief in a succinct, concise manner. Thecutequotes.com has collected a small number of popular sayings that are both very true and easy to digest. No deep thinking involved here – just read these happy sayings and enjoy!

  • 61 Happiness depends entirely on wisdom.
  • 62 Being happy is the best way to be wise.
  • 63 You won’t find happiness if you can’t risk opening your heart up.
  • 64 Happiness is not prepackaged. Your actions define it.
  • 65 What defines your happiness is how you think, who you are, and what you do.
We can’t control the world. What we can control is how we react to the ups and downs of life. Happiness is not an entitlement or right. In our quest for spectacular happiness, we turn our backs on mere satisfaction. Thecutequotes.com happy sayings suggest happiness can be the result and by-product of searching for something completely different. It can strike when you least expect it!

Cute and Happy Quotes

Thecutequotes.com ends this piece with our favorite cute and happy quotes. We believe happiness is in small things, like buying those shoes you had your eye on, traveling abroad, dancing in the rain, even enjoying an extra piece of cake. It is not something to be actively looked for, because it will evaporate – like a cloud.

  • 66 How happy will you be in life? As happy as you make yourself!
  • 67 If you’re going to be any kind of happy, be hysterically happy.
  • 68 Happiness is the state between intervals of sadness.
  • 69 Don’t regret that it’s over. Smile at the memory.
  • 70 Do good. It’s the fun thing to do.

One of the secrets of happiness is freedom, and courage is the secret to freedom. Like happiness, freedom is a state of mind, or so Bob Marley said. Here at thecutequotes.com, we can’t compete with Bob, but we can try and share some interesting quotes on freedom and happiness. Sometimes we need to get by is something cute or happy, like one of our quotes, or a kitten.

We hope our happy quotes help you in some way. Motivational quotes about happiness come in all forms and lengths. Hopefully, you have found something that resonates with you. Happiness is always within reach, no matter how dark things may seem at any given time. Those who are truly happy depend on external things as little as possible. Often, you’ll find the happiest people among those who never had much money, because people decide what makes them happy and content. Follow thecutequotes.com on social media and share our fun happiness quotes!

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