Friendship Quotes

Friendship is something that can sometimes be so hard to explain or put into words that you turn to the words of others who can create profound and enlightening friendship quotes. Friendship quotes are sayings that help you understand what it means to be a true friend. They can help you answer questions like “what are best friends?” or “what is the meaning of a best friend?” In this list of friendship quotes from, you can learn the true meaning and the many nuances of friendship. They’ll help you find a new appreciation for your friends!

Best Friend Quotes

What are best friends? What is the meaning of a best friend? These best friend quotes from show you what having a best friend is all about. There is a profound difference between being good friends and best friends. In the quotes below, you’ll learn the difference between these types of friendships. Who knows, you might realize that you’re actually best friends with someone whom you thought was just a good friend!

  • 1 Here’s how you can tell that two people are best friends: they’re having way more fun than other people in the same situation.
  • 2 The one thing you need the most in life is a best friend.
  • 3 Your true best friend is the only person who can protect you from mortal and immortal enemies.
  • 4 What a sad place the world would be if nobody had a best friend.
  • 5 People can hear the things you say. Friends listen intently to what you say. But a best friend will listen to everything you don’t say.
  • 6 Best friends are the people who lift you on up on your feet when you forget how to fly.
  • 7 A real best friend may be hard to find. But they make the search worthwhile.
  • 8 Your best friend will hold up a mirror and show you what’s inside your heart.
  • 9 When looking back at the past is too painful and looking to the future fills you with fear, look beside you and your best friend will be there to help you do both.
  • 10 Your best friend will never fail to bring out the best in you.
What are the three types of friendship? First, you have a friend, someone who’s more than just an acquaintance. Then you have the close friend, someone you get along with. Finally, you have your best friend. Show your best friend some appreciation by sharing these quotes with them. We’re sure that these best friend quotes from will touch their heart and show them just how much you love being best friends with them!

True Friendship Quotes

Friendships are rare enough as it is in this fast-paced world. Often, people we consider to be “friends” are simply people who happen to be around us a lot. However, true friends are so rare that you must cherish them forever. In this list of true friendship quotes from, you’ll learn what real, genuine friendship is all about. These quotes will help you strengthen the bond you already have with your true friends.

  • 11 True friendship is when you feel like intertwined souls inhabiting separate bodies.
  • 12 A real friend is a person who walks toward you when everyone else is walking away.
  • 13 Friends will help us up when we fall down. If they can’t pick us up, they’ll lie down beside us and listen.
  • 14 True friends never get in your way. The only time they’ll stop you is when you’re on a downward spiral.
  • 15 Some friendships leave an imprint in our heart that neither time nor distance can diminish.
  • 16 The true test of friendship is learning to grow separately without growing apart.
  • 17 Every friend creates a new world within you. It’s a world that only begins to exist when these friends enter your life. When you enrich your friendship, the world within you flourishes.
  • 18 A friend for life is a person who will choose to stay by your side when others would rather be somewhere else.
  • 19 We work so hard to build our careers, find romance, and create a family. An equally worthwhile endeavor is cultivating real, lasting friendships.
  • 20 It’s easier to make friends by becoming interested in people than by trying to get other people to be interested in you.
These true friendship quotes from help you understand the importance of having a true friend who will always be there. In a world filled with fake friends and “friends” who are just there out of convenience, it’s good to know that you have at least one real friend in your life. Share these quotes with your true friends to let them know how much you value having them around.

Short Friendship Quotes

When you find yourself asking, “What should I say about a great friend?” pick out one of these short friendship quotes from These short and concise quotes about companionship perfectly encapsulate the essence of friendship with just a few words. In times when you wish you had some wise words to say to your friends, pick out one of these one-liners to show your friends how much you love them!

  • 21 Friendship is the glue holding the universe together.
  • 22 True friendship is like a diamond – brilliant, valuable, unbreakable, and eternal.
  • 23 Time and meaningful moments create a friend you keep for life.
  • 24 Life would be wretched without a friend who will cheer you on.
  • 25 No moment is too long and no task is too burdensome when you’re with good company.
  • 26 Friends give you a unique perspective that will help you reflect on your life.
  • 27 Sometimes you meet a person whom you know will become your friend for life.
  • 28 While love may be blind, friendship chooses to close its eyes.
  • 29 Ending a friendship means it never really began.
  • 30 The best way to brighten up a house is to invite your friends over.
These short friendship quotes from may be brief, but they are filled with meaning. They can perfectly describe a friendship in a way that’s short, sweet, and easy to remember. If you’re someone who tends not to speak too much, these quotes are the answer to “what should I say about a great friend?” Share them with friends and let them know how much their friendship means to you.

Friendship Love Quotes

The essence of friendship is in love. Unlike romantic love, the love that blooms from friendship takes longer to grow but is harder to destroy. Friendship love is all about compassion and companionship, not simply passion and attraction. These friendship love quotes from capture what loving a friend is all about. Oftentimes, we put too much focus on romantic love that we forget to appreciate the love we have for our friends.

  • 31 Marriages fail not because of a lack of love but a lack of friendship.
  • 32 I am willing to do anything for my friends. I don’t believe in loving people with just a part of my heart. When I love, I love wholly.
  • 33 Don’t wait to say loving words to your friends at their eulogies. Don’t wait until you have to carve those words into their tombstones. Say them now.
  • 34 Your friendships make an even bigger on your life than you think. Love can turn into obsession, madness, and jealousy. Friendship, however, is all about sharing.
  • 35 Fake friends will surround you when you’re at your peak. A real friend will show you love when you’re sinking.
  • 36 Sometimes the best gift you can give to a friend is to be with them when they’re in pain.
  • 37 The best thing about having a friend is feeling safe when they’re around. There’s no need for words or thoughts because their presence is enough.
  • 38 Some people form an unspoken understanding the moment they meet.
  • 39 You can have friends, and you can have family. But you can also have friends that become your family.
  • 40 Your best friend will always give you love when you forget to love yourself.
Why do you love your friends? Sometimes love blooms from a shared interest. Other times, you grow to love your friends when you go through hard times together. Never forget how much your friends mean to you by taking these love friendship quotes from to heart. When you want to tell your friend that you love them without being too mushy, send them one of these sayings. It’s sure to make their day.

Friendship Quotes and Sayings

Friendship is universal. Even before civilization, humans have created bonds with each other to help them survive. Millenia later, humans still engage in friendships because it’s comforting and fun to have a friend around. These friendship quotes and sayings from show you that the importance of friendships in society never diminishes but grows stronger. In fact, with the advent of technology, the concept of friendship still evolves and endures.

  • 41 Make friends before you ever need them.
  • 42 Friends should be like rare collectibles. You only need a few, but you hand-pick every single one.
  • 43 Treat your friends like you would a beautiful painting: put them in the best light.
  • 44 Friendship is one of the hardest things you can ever explain. You don’t learn about its true meaning in school. But if you still don’t understand what friendship is, then you haven’t learned much.
  • 45 Friendships are like good health. You don’t see how important it is until you lose it.
  • 46 When we prosper, our friends know us. But in hardship, we know our true friends.
  • 47 Friends won’t always tell you what you want to hear. But they’ll always say what you need to hear.
  • 48 Friends can be the cement that holds life together. Stay in touch, give them your time, and never take them for granted.
  • 49 Don’t leave your friends behind. They’re the ones who will help you get through this life.
  • 50 When you come from a home that’s less than ideal, you end up creating your own family made up of friends.
These friendship quotes and sayings from show you the importance of friendship. Even if you’re busy with the many things going on in your life, don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends. They’re the people who will always be there for you, even if all you need is someone who will listen. Let these friendship quotes and sayings remind you of why friendship is an important part of your life.

Best Friends Forever Quotes

What are best friends? They’re the ones who stay with you through all your ups and downs. No matter how crazy and unreasonable you can get, your best friends will always understand you… or at least try. They’re a cut above regular friends because they know your secrets, dreams, and innermost feelings. Let your best friend know that you intend to keep them for life with these best friends forever quotes from

  • 51 We all have “best friends” for different parts of our lives. We have that best friend in grade school, the one in high school, the one in college, and maybe one at work. But to have the same best friend throughout those years is a rare and beautiful thing.
  • 52 We often realize who our friends really are when we’re at the lowest point in our life. They’re the ones who will love you no matter how crazy, confused, and unbearable you can be.
  • 53 Being with your best friend and simply having them around is enough to make a dull day brighter.
  • 54 Your relationship with your best friend is far from perfect. You will have rivalries and arguments. They can break your heart and make you cry. But at the end of it all, after the tears have subsided, they will be there to make you laugh in your darkest moments.
  • 55 I can’t promise to be an eternal friend because I can’t live forever. But I can be your friend for as long as I’m alive.
  • 56 Your best friend will always be there. They’ll be with you in spirit when you’re far apart. And they’ll stay with you not just for a day but forever.
  • 57 You know you’re with a real friend when you can comfortably enjoy silence together.
  • 58 One good friend is better than a thousand acquaintances.
  • 59 Your best friend knows everything about you and loves you all the same.
Who is your best friend? Is it someone you’ve known since preschool? Is it someone you met in college? Perhaps your best friend used to be a random acquaintance until the moment when you just clicked. Best friends come in all forms, but one thing’s for sure: they can be your best friend forever. Show your BFF some love by sharing these best friends forever quotes from!

Friendship Sayings

Over the years, writers and thinkers have penned numerous quotes about friendship – from lighthearted ones to deep, hard-hitting ones. They describe the mechanics of a friendship in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. The best thing about this is that these friendship sayings can become philosophies that guide the way we act towards our friends. Which of these friendship sayings from do you relate to the most?

  • 60 Being with a silly friend can be the best form of therapy.
  • 61 The world is round so that it can be encircled by friendship.
  • 62 The most precious mementos are old friends.
  • 63 One of the best measures of friendship is not how many things friends can discuss but how many things they don’t need to say out loud.
  • 64 True friends know you’re a valuable artwork even though they know you’re a piece of work.
  • 65 I usually understand why I deserve enemies, but sometimes I don’t believe I deserve such good friends.
  • 66 Fate chooses who comes into your life, but only you get to choose who to keep.
  • 67 The best thing about having old friends is that you can be completely absurd when you’re with them.
  • 68 Having a handful of friends is a sign of a lucky person. But having one best friend means you’re more than just lucky – you’re blessed.
  • 69 Be true to your calling, your word, and most of all, your friend.
The world is a dark, scary place without a friend. When you’re with friends, you feel like you can take on any challenge. They can guide you when you’re too blinded by sadness or anger. Most importantly, when you’re surrounded by loving friends, you get the support you need to get through the toughest times in your life. Show your friends your gratitude by sharing these friendship sayings from with them.

Cute Friendship Quotes

What’s friendship without a little silliness? While lots of friendships form from a shared interest, many others spring forth from mutual madness. When you’re on the same wavelength, your sense of humor will jive. From there, you can laugh at the most absurd things until people around you think you’re both nuts. If you have a friend who shows you the fun side of life, these cute friendship quotes from perfectly describe your relationship!

  • 70 The things that used to frighten you are much less frightening with a friend by your side.
  • 71 Many people want to ride with you in your fancy car. But a true friend will walk in the rain with you when your car breaks down.
  • 72 The best kinds of friendships are the fierce ones where you aggressively believe in each other and defend each other.
  • 73 Your true friends are the ones you can call up at 2 in the morning.
  • 74 A sign of a true friend: when you’re acting like a fool, and yet he doesn’t believe it’s a permanent state.
  • 75 Friends don’t let friends do dumb things. Best friends don’t let each other do dumb things alone.
  • 76 A good friend will laugh at your jokes when they’re not funny and will sympathize with your problems when they’re not that bad.
  • 77 A friend will let you talk nonsense and respect you anyway.
  • 78 Friends are people who will ask how you are and genuinely wait for the answer.
  • 79 Whenever you fall down, I will always pick you back up… when I’m done laughing.
No other feeling in the world can compare to laughing out loud and just being yourself when you’re in the company of good friends. Friends bring out the best in all of us even if we can’t find it within ourselves. That’s why we should always take a moment to give our friends the appreciation they deserve. Share these cute friendship quotes from with your best friends and have a laugh together!

Beautiful Friendship Quotes

Friendship is one of the most wonderful gifts someone can give you. It entails mutually spending time and effort to make sure your buddy is happy and thriving. It requires no reward because the friendship itself is reward enough. Lastly, friendship means accepting someone in spite of their flaws. These beautiful friendship quotes from remind you of why the world becomes a much brighter place when you have a good friend by your side.

  • 80 The most beautiful thing about having a friend is that someone will always understand you.
  • 81 Friendship is just a word, but it’s one that warms the heart.
  • 82 Wanting to be friends is easy, but forming a real friendship takes time.
  • 83 When you’re friends, you lose track of what you give and receive.
  • 84 Being a friend is becoming a master of timing. You know the right time for silence. You know when to leave your friend to their own devices. And you know, best of all, when to pick them up when they’ve fallen.
Making friends is one of the most wholesome experiences we can have. You start off a little awkward, and you’re not sure about what you want to say. Then one day, you’ll just click. From then on, you can’t get enough of each other’s company. Maintaining a friendship through the years may not be easy, but it’s rewarding. Appreciate the wonders of friendship with these beautiful friendship quotes from!

Friends for Life Quotes

People come into our lives and leave an impression. The ones who choose to stay with us through everything are the ones we can call our friends for life. A friend for life may not be your best friend, but they’re friends who stick around and never leave your side. These friends for life quotes from show you the importance of having at least one friend that you can have forever.

  • 85 Your friends are like stars in the night sky. Sometimes you don’t see them, but you know that they’re there.
  • 86 I appreciate friends who find time for me in their calendar. But I value friends who don’t need to consult their calendars at all.
  • 87 A friend you share interests with is better than three you can barely talk to.
  • 88 A true friend is a person who never tires of listening to your complaints and drama, no matter how pointless.
  • 89 A friend for life is someone who knows when to hold your hand and when to let go.
There are times when, from the moment you say hello to each other, you already know you’ve made a friend for life. These friends stay with us no matter how far apart you are or how difficult life can be. They’re the ones who remain steadfastly by our side even when we’re at our lowest. Show your lifelong friend some love by sharing these friend for life quotes from!

Best Friends Quotes That Make You Cry

Best friends can make you laugh out loud, but they can also make you cry. When you get into an argument with your best friend, it can feel like you’re fighting with a part of yourself. Your best friend is someone who’s so ingrained into who you are that hurting them hurts you too. Here are some best friends quotes that make you cry from to help you understand.

  • 90 With friendship comes the comfort of knowing that even if you feel like you’re all alone, you know you aren’t.
  • 91 I would choose to walk with a friend on a scary road than to walk by myself in the light.
  • 92 My friend knows the melody inside my heart, and he sings it back to me when I forget.
  • 93 A true friend is someone who just lets you be yourself – no matter what you’re feeling. Whatever you feel at any moment is fine by them. That’s love – letting a person be what he truly is.
  • 94 When we ask ourselves who has enriched our life the most, it’s usually not the person who gives advice and solutions. Often, it’s the person who chose to share our pain by offering a comforting hand and a shoulder to cry on.
The most touching thing about having a best friend is that when everyone else has given up on you, your best friend will keep trying. What is the meaning of a best friend? It’s someone who guides you through life, lifts you up when you’re down, and gives you reasons to laugh through the tears. These best friends quotes from show you how precious a best friend can be.

Bonding Quotes With Friends

The greatest tests of friendship aren’t about how far they will go for you or what great gestures they’re willing to make for you. Instead, it’s the little moments that you spend together. When you bond with your friends, you don’t really need to do anything. Sometimes you just want to sit together, laugh at silly things, and just be yourself. That’s what these bonding quotes with friends from are all about!

  • 95 A friend will bail you out of jail. Your best friend will be sitting right next to you in the cell.
  • 96 The ultimate bond of any relationship, whether romantic or platonic, is conversation.
  • 97 Your best friend can transform a terrible day into one of the best days of your life.
  • 98 Best friends know how crazy you can be, and yet they won’t be ashamed to be seen with you in public.
  • 99 Talking to you is so fun that I feel bad for people who can’t listen in on our conversations.
What’s your favorite bonding activity? Do you enjoy reminiscing with your friends? Do you like to engage in sports together? Do you like to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company? Whatever type of bonding you do with your friends, you know that it solidifies your friendship. These bonding quotes with friends from show you the importance of spending time together and why you should do it more often!

Deep Friendship Quotes

The love that flows between two friends runs deep. Time and distance can’t diminish it, and misunderstandings can’t erase that love. When you wonder, “What are the three types of friendship?” it’s like asking how deep a friendship goes. The deepest kind is the one you have with your best friend. It’s the one that remains strong through the years. These deep friendship quotes from the describe what having a deep friendship is like.

  • 100 It’s so rare and yet so precious to realize that moment when you’ve discovered a friend.
  • 101 A friend knows who you are, understands what you’ve been through, accepts who you have become, and still allows you to grow.
  • 102 We must all have that one friend who feels like a part of us. That friend is the personification of who you are and who you love.
  • 103 Friends can be like walls. Sometimes you will need to lean on them, and sometimes it’s comforting to know that they’re just there.
  • 104 The secret language of friendship is not in the words you say but in the meaning behind the ones you don’t.
How deep does your friendship run? The ones that aren’t as deep usually disappear when it’s no longer convenient for you to remain friends. However, the ones that run so deep that your souls are intertwined usually last a lifetime. These are the friendships that stay and change who you are for the better. These deep friendship quotes from reveal the inner workings of a truly deep and long-lasting friendship.

Quotes For Your Best Friend

Finding a best friend is like finding a missing piece of yourself in another person. Your best friend knows you better than you know yourself. They know how your mind ticks, and they might even be the ones to give you the most insightful advice. Let your best friend know that life is so much better with them in your life through these quotes for your best friend from

  • 105 Your best friend is the person who amplifies what you’re feeling. They make every smile brighter, every laugh louder, and every moment better.
  • 106 A best friend will make the hard times more manageable and the good times better.
  • 107 Some people come into your life and make such a huge impact that you can’t even remember what your life was like without them.
  • 108 Your friendship isn’t measured by how often they lent a helping hand or a kind smile. It’s the spiritual connection that forms when you learn that someone believes in you and wants to trust you with their friendship.
  • 109 Your good friends know all your fun stories. But it’s your best friend that helped you create them.
Never neglect the friendship you have with your best friend. Even if you don’t have time or you’re too far away, always reach out to your best friend in any way you can. Your best friend would do the same. Little efforts go a long way to transform a simple friendship into the best one you’ll ever have. Remind your best friend that you love them through these quotes for your best friend from!

The concept of friendship can be so complex yet so simple. It’s complex because sometimes you can’t understand why a person would be willing to do so much for you. It’s simple because being friends with someone you get along with feels so natural that you don’t even have to think about it. The next time you find yourself asking, “What should I say to a great friend?” look to this list of true friendship quotes and sayings from Share them with friends online and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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