Sister Quotes

She is the one who has been there from the start as both your rival, friend, shoulder to cry on, ear to listen—she is your sister, and we’ll help you appreciate her even more with these many sister quotes. The relationship between any two sisters is dynamic and complex. That’s why there are a multitude of funny, short, inspirational, and even famous sister quotes out there. Below, are some of the best sister quotes from You’ll find quotes about sisterhood, inspirational sayings and even some for big and little sisters.

Best Sister Quotes

The best sister quotes are those than can perfectly encapsulate your relationship with your sibling. You might not be the best of friends, but you have a bond that’s so strong it can withstand time and distance apart. Below are some meaningful quotes about having a sister from No matter what your relationship with your sister is like, you’ll find the saying that captures what your relationship is like.

  • 1 The difference between the two of you can be night and day. But the blood that flows within the both of you is from the same line. Take good care of your sister as she does you.
  • 2 Sisters are all the same, they love you unconditionally. Even if a disagreement arises, that love never goes away because it is etched within their hearts. She’ll be there through thick and thin, and you can count on that.
  • 3 Reminisce fun childhood memories with your sister and build dreams for the future together.
  • 4 You and your sister can be two very different people and at the same a reflection of each other.
  • 5 Going through this journey we call life; things can get unbearable. But having a sister that has your back and will pick you up if you stumble makes the journey so much more bearable.
  • 6 Memories of growing up with your sister will never be forgotten. Even as time takes you both to adulthood, you will always remember those carefree days you shared in your childhood.
  • 7 I may have a ton of friends, but a sister will always be the best. And I’m pretty sure that out of all the sisters in the world, you are the best.
  • 8 That’s my sister, we’re the very best of friends. Our souls are linked together, no matter where time and tide take us.
  • 9 Sisters are like coaches in the game of life, especially when you get handed the ball and you have no idea what to do. They are the ones who’ll look at you with a smile and tell you with confidence, “You got this. I believe in you!”
  • 10 Things are better if you have a sister to face the woes of life with. If one loses their step, the other can bring them back in the right direction.
  • 11 We are sisters connected by blood, life and by the universe. The connection we have will never falter.
  • 12 In times of trouble, sisters can turn it around and make it a good one. And they can make the very best of times an indelible memory.
  • 13 A thousand phony friends can never compare to a sister who is dependable and consistently there for you.
  • 14 Big sisters are like iron armor-clad maidens, strong and brimming with confidence. She looks the present in the eye and smiles at the future.
  • 15 Having a sister is like having a best friend from day one. Best friends from the get-go, a duo, an inseparable team—still there for each other whatever happens, sisters forever.
  • 16 Having a sister is not all fun and games, it’s not always laughter and joy. Arguments are part of any relationship. That’s why these kinds of disagreements hurt the most because your sister and you know each other so well that you both know where to strike a chord.
  • 17 Sisters, especially big sisters, are important in showing us how to spread our wings and how to navigate the sky. So that we don’t just fly aimlessly and hit a brick wall.
  • 18 Sisters know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They know when to let one another shine and when to step in to take over.
  • 19 I love how a purse I saw in a shop will lead to a phone call to my sister. And how that conversation will turn from purses to work, to childhood, to almost everything under the sun.
  • 20 Sisters are so deeply connected that it seems that their own personal and unique memories are shared and experienced by the other too.
A sister will understand you like no one else can. You grew up together and shared all sorts of memories together. Even if you end up leading very different lives or living far apart, there will always be that indestructible bond between you. So, show your sister that you see her as your friend and confidant by sharing one of these best sister quotes from with her.

Funny Sister Quotes

Do you remember those moments when you and your sister were kids and you’d snicker about so many silly things? It’s like having an exclusive club where you and your sister were the only members. Growing up together means there’s a chance that you and your sister share the same sense of humor. Make her laugh out loud by sending her one of these funny sister quotes from

  • 21 I’ll always pick my sister up whenever she falls… But only after I finish laughing.
  • 22 It’s funny sometimes how sisters can both love each other so dearly and yet, at the slightest provocation, would want to pull at each other’s hair. Then you just go back to sisterly love like nothing ever happened. It’s amazing, hilarious, and dumbfounding at the same time!
  • 23 If we compare life to a cake, sisters are the colorful and sweet toppings. They add a dash of fun that no one else can.
  • 24 Sisters are one of the strongest forces in the world. Together they can face anything—from the worst breakup to the challenges of adulthood to having no idea what to wear for a first date.
  • 25 I can only stay mad at my sister for a short while because I always find something that I want to tell her and only her.
  • 26 They say that among sisters there will always be a good one and a not-so-good one. I just can’t remember which of the two I am.
  • 27 My sister and I have this unspoken pact that if one us is mad at someone, the other one is automatically mad too.
  • 28 I love how my sister and I can have really, I mean really, improper conversations that if anyone heard us, they’d think we’re crazy.
  • 29 I have secrets that I won’t tell a single soul, but I’ll tell my sister because she doesn’t have one.
  • 30 When I was a little child, I was convinced that my sister was from a different dimension sent here to make my life miserable or if possible, end me.
Even if you’re all grown up, you carry memories of those fun memories of your sister. While sisters are always there through the worst times, they also stick around during moments of happiness. So even if you’re apart and living busy lives, it’s always good to look back at those happy times with your sister. Show her how much you remember the good times by sharing these funny sister quotes from with her!

Sisterhood Quotes

What is sisterhood? It’s more than just sharing the same genes or growing up in the same house. Sisterhood is a bond that never wavers, even if you sometimes want to go at each other’s throats. If you want to understand the essence of having a sister, check out these sisterhood quotes from Whenever you miss your sister, send her one of these sayings to tell her that you’re thinking of her.

  • 31 Over time we learn the value of having a sister. We learn that sisters are there for each other to share the laughter. And if need be, they’re there to wipe away each other’s tears.
  • 32 Sister is a word synonymous to friend. These two words are interchangeable.
  • 33 Sisters are like Spiderman. They have their own spider-sense that tells them when they are needed by the other.
  • 34 Facial expressions between sisters are like encrypted codes. No words are needed to be spoken. They know right away what is being conveyed.
  • 35 They say friends don’t last and that may be true, but my sister is my friend. So, I guess that really doesn’t apply to me.
  • 36 We share a likeness with our sisters that we often see ourselves in each other, and yet our differences can be so huge that it reflects our distinction. So, I guess sisters are like a mirror image—you’re undeniably similar but different at the same time.
  • 37 They haven’t seen each other for months but when they did, it was like they were together just last night. That’s the power of sisterhood.
  • 38 Who says you can’t choose your family? If you don’t have a blood sister, a friend who has been there with you through it all can be your sister. Sometimes, we even have a stronger bond with the family we choose.
  • 39 We may be polar opposites, but no one can deny that we’re sisters through and through.
  • 40 Santa Claus doesn’t even begin to compare to your sister. She knows for sure if you’ve been naughty or nice.
Everyone’s relationship with their sister is different. However, there’s no denying that you have a special bond. These meaningful sisterhood quotes from aim to explain the many nuances of having a sister. Whether you have a sister by blood or a sister by choice, the connection you have is special. Share these quotes with your lovely sister and show her how much you love the bond you share.

Little Sister Quotes

You saw her as a tiny baby, but now she’s all grown up. Even if you’re already adults who are capable of living independently, there’s no denying that you still want to look out for your baby sister. You will always be her older sibling, the one she looked up to when she was little. Let her know that you always have her back by sending her one of these little sister quotes from

  • 41 It always a good thing to spend time with your little sister, it is good for the soul.
  • 42 Little sisters need not worry if they get into trouble because there will always be a big sibling who has their backs, holding a bat and asking, “Which one?”
  • 43 I have seen you grow up and turn into a beautiful young lady. I’ve seen your transformations and I am glad that I was part of it. I am proud of who you’ve become, my little sister.
  • 44 My little sister can turn a gloomy day into a bright one just by being her cute little self.
  • 45 Little sisters can get under your skin at times. It can get annoying, but the older you get, you realize that little sisters are a blessing from the heavens.
  • 46 It goes without saying that a big sister will protect her little sister. But when someone messes with the big sister you can bet that a little sister will be right beside her ready to fight.
  • 47 Little sisters can be a bit bothersome, but all big sisters must remember that little sisters totally adore you and consider you their hero.
  • 48 Of all the things I am grateful for, I am most grateful for my little sister who is always there for me.
  • 49 Older sisters get their parents’ blessing when getting married. But the little sister gets the go signal from her big sister.
  • 50 Let it be known that I am the only one allowed to make fun of my little sister. Try making fun of her and you answer to me.
You can play the tough older sibling all you want, but you know that your little sister will always melt your heart. Show her how much you love your little sister with these inspirational little sister quotes from Between the bickering and the laughter, it’s always nice to show her that out of all the people who could be your sister, she’s the one the universe chose.

Big Sister Quotes

A big sister usually grows up faster than any other sibling. She fills in parts of the motherly role for her little siblings by looking out for everyone, even if it means she doesn’t have as much time for herself. If you have a big sister who made sure you were ok when you were growing up, show her some love with these big sister quotes from

  • 51 Big sisters will always have your back and that’s a fact.
  • 52 My big sister is my rock. She is the one I confide in. She is the one who consoles me when I’m down. She’s the one I always want to laugh with. She’s all that and a whole lot more.
  • 53 You can consider being the big sister a job and a title. A big sis is always there to take care of and protect her siblings, and she takes that job seriously!
  • 54 At first, I thought that being a big sister would suck, that I wouldn’t be the family’s princess anymore. But when I got to know my younger siblings, it turns out that being the big sister means I always have these awesome younger siblings who love me as much as I love them.
  • 55 We may not spend a lot of time together anymore and we may be going our own ways. But always remember that I am your big sister, and you can count on me always, distance and time will never change that.
What role did your big sister play in your life? Was she like a second mom or a partner in crime? Was she your biggest rival or your biggest supporter? Maybe she was a bit of both, and that’s why you love her so much. Let her know how much you love having her as your big sister with these inspirational sayings from There’s no way she won’t appreciate it!

Meaningful Sister Quotes

When someone asks you about your relationship with your sister, you may find it hard to explain exactly what it’s like. It’s not because you don’t understand your relationship with her. On the contrary, it’s because there’s so much in your bond that it’s hard to put it into words. Let these meaningful sister quotes from help you put your love for your sister into words.

  • 56 A sister is a blessing from life. A partner to the soul. A shining beacon to the darkness of the heart.
  • 57 Our parents gave us both the best present we could ever hope for, and that is each other.
  • 58 The main difference between your friends and your sister is that you tell your friends your best stories. But your sister has lived all those stories with you.
  • 59 Sisters are like flowers in a bouquet. They are all different individuals and have their own beauty within them. But when they are put together, nothing is more beautiful.
  • 60 Competition between sisters can’t be avoided and at times it can be so fierce. But once they shed the whims of youth, sisters who are once competitors now have a relationship tougher than a diamond.
Your relationship with your sister is something personal and unique. No two siblings share the same experiences, worries, and joy. So even if you experienced some tough times with your sister, remember that she still loves you in her own way. Take that to heart with these meaningful sister quotes from, and you’ll find that no matter what life throws at you, you have a sister you can lean on for support.

Short Sister Quotes

Short, sweet, and wise. Are we describing your sister or are we describing these quotes? These one-liners perfectly sum up the relationship you may have with your sister. They’re brief, eloquent, and easy to remember if you need a quick quote. Use them when you send your sister a quick message. Nothing says “I love my sister” better than one of these inspirational yet short sister quotes from

  • 61 You can find happiness in its purest form by seeing two sisters hanging out.
  • 62 The most wonderful thing about having a sister is that you automatically have a friend for life.
  • 63 Only with my sister can I share my joy and my pain.
  • 64 Sisters are dependable and will be at your side anytime you need them.
  • 65 I will admit that I am not the best sister there is, but I am forever grateful that I have sisters who are.
These quotes summarize the many wonders of sisterhood. They are your friends for life, and oftentimes, only your sister can truly understand you. Let your dear sister know how much you care about her by sending her one of these short sister quotes from You don’t need paragraph-long, mushy sayings when you can briefly express how much you love your sister with these quotes.

I Love My Sister Quotes

She gets on your nerves. She’s always your competition. She frustrates you to no end. However, at the end of the day, no matter how annoying she gets, you can’t deny that you love your sister to bits. Show her just how much you appreciate having her as your sister by sending her one of these I love my sister quotes from It’s a sure way to make her smile.

  • 66 I am lucky to have a sister like you. And I’m sure that my future children will also feel the same way because they’ll have you for their aunt.
  • 67 I may not always say it and I may not always show it, but I’d like you to know that I love that you are my sister.
  • 68 The world can presume to know who you are but try as they may, they will never know you better than your sister does.
  • 69 My sister is not always in the best of moods, but I love her and I know that she loves me as well.
  • 70 A sister is much a part of our lives and our personality. We share with her our memories of childhood, a treasure no amount of money can buy.

Even if you have a strained relationship or you’ve grown apart as adults, you know that deep in your heart, you love your sister. So, if you haven’t spoken in a while or you just want to let her know you’re thinking of her, send her one of these I love my sister quotes from It can patch up any misunderstanding and foster an even stronger bond.

There’s nothing in this world quite like these sister quotes about a loving sister who cares for you, understands you, and remains by your side through anything. She has been there through the toughest of times, and she’ll remain your steadfast supporter for life. These meaningful and inspirational sister quotes from illustrate the many complexities of a relationship with a sister. But the bottom line is this: you love her and she loves you. Share these quotes with your sister and people you consider your sisters. Follow us on social media for more awesome quotes!

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