Beautiful Quotes

Everyone has a different interpretation of being beautiful—from physical beauty to the beauty that comes out through kindness, love, and compassion, to finding something in nature aesthetically pleasing to the eye—and these different types of beauty quotes can be found in this collection. We’ve compiled several sayings about the many aspects of beauty, whether it’s about people, about nature, and even about specific situations. These inspirational beautiful quotes from explore different meanings of beauty and how it’s perceived by others. Take a look at them all and see how it can change the way you see the world.

Beauty Quotes

These beauty quotes from expand on what it means to be beautiful and how we can find it in the world. Beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder. While that’s true, it can also spring forth from different situations. Sometimes it takes challenges to bring out the beauty in someone. People can also sometimes need a nudge in the right direction to see beauty all around us.

  • 1 The most beautiful people are those who know what it’s like to suffer, to struggle, to feel defeated and to lose their way. They have a special appreciation for life that makes them gentler and more compassionate. Their beauty lies within them, but it is adversity that wakes it.
  • 2 You may have flaws that keep you from being perfect. But these imperfections ultimately make you beautiful.
  • 3 Your effervescent glow lies inside you as if you radiate light from within your soul.
  • 4 Beauty may only be on the outside. But ugliness cuts deep into the soul.
  • 5 Everything beautiful—people, things, sights—have some form of strangeness that sets them apart.
  • 6 The young see beauty in everything. And as long as you can see beauty, you retain your youth.
  • 7 Every once in a while, you will find someone so radiant that nothing can even compare.
  • 8 Happiness is the secret to beauty. People who are happy become a mirror to others, and they reflect both the beauty and joy to others.
  • 9 The world will be as it has always been—filled with beauty and tragedy.
  • 10 One of the rarest, most wondrous sights is a woman who is unafraid to be herself and is comfortable in her imperfections. This is the essence of being beautiful.
  • 11 I love you because you are beautiful. You are beautiful because I love you.
  • 12 The mirror sees truth. But as it reflects your face, it can see the lies hidden in your beauty.
  • 13 Beauty is not a quality that exists within things. It’s only there when your mind perceives it to be there. And that what makes beauty so remarkable: everyone perceives it differently.
  • 14 Beauty can be good or bad, comforting or unsettling, joyous or depressing. It excites you and inspires you. But it can also chill you and hurt you. But there is no denying that beauty demands to be seen, to be felt. Only those who can’t perceive beauty are indifferent to it.
  • 15 People who endure trying times inevitably become more beautiful. It encourages to bloom and become stronger. Thus, beauty springs forth from adversity.
  • 16 The more joy you welcome into your life, the brighter and more beautiful your world will be.
  • 17 A beautiful heart is the product of pain. Its beauty is not something you see but something you feel.
  • 18 You are the beholder of your own beauty. If you believe it is there, then it is.
  • 19 Some have the type of beauty that envelops your senses and calms you. Others have the type of beauty that seizes your heart and never lets go.
Quotes about beauty and being beautiful from can often help us see our own inner beauty. Everyone has days when they don’t feel beautiful. However, you must remember that outer beauty is often a reflection of inner beauty. So even when you’re having a bad hair day or you look tired, remember that a happy heart can radiate beauty from within.

Best Beautiful Quotes

Below are some of the best beautiful quotes from These sayings challenge the conventional idea of what beauty is all about. While others may still believe that there is one standard for beauty, these quotes help you see that beauty is a matter of perception. One person’s mediocre can be another’s idea of perfection. There is no one way to explain why something is beautiful—it just is.

  • 20 You cannot perceive your own beauty until it is reflected back to you in the form of another kind and compassionate human being.
  • 21 I welcome the clouds that bring in the storm and add beauty and brightness to my skies.
  • 22 It is what you do, how you think, and what you say that makes you beautiful.
  • 23 If you do not grasp the thorns, you do not deserve the rose.
  • 24 I can see her beauty, but it’s not the kind of beauty that only reaches the eyes. Hers was the kind that makes your eyes sparkle with joy. It was the beauty that you feel in your soul.
  • 25 Your beauty is not in the way you were put together but in the harmony of each piece.
  • 26 There is always something strange in someone so beautiful.
  • 27 You don’t need to be as lovely as someone else. You can be as lovely as you.
  • 28 Being beautiful is just one part of your life. Don’t make the mistake of believing that it’s all you are good
  • 29 I choose to be beautiful. I don’t wait for other people to tell me this because I simply believe that I am. If I can own the power to say that I am beautiful, then others may also find the same power within themselves.
The concept of beauty is such a powerful thing. Initially, it’s easy to believe that being beautiful simply means being pleasant to look at. However, when you factor in a person’s kindness and compassion, it can instantly make someone all the more beautiful in your eyes. These best beautiful quotes from can help you see just how much of an impact inner beauty can make on one’s outer appearance.

Pretty Quotes

Being pretty is something that many girls strive to be. They are often taught that being pretty means getting a leg up in the world. While a lot of people still believe this, more young girls now understand that there’s more to being a girl than just being pretty. These pretty quotes from illustrate that while being pretty can be advantageous, you can also have all sorts of qualities that draw people to you.

  • 30 It’s silly how people always want to be with someone simply because she’s pretty. It’s like picking a book based on the cover without caring what’s written inside.
  • 31 Little girls deserve to hear that they’re pretty because they are. All happy little girls are pretty little girls.
  • 32 There is as much beauty in grace as there is in awkwardness. Beauty doesn’t always have to be perfect.
  • 33 Be drop-dead gorgeous while you’re young. Transform it into charm as you age and you can become irresistible until the day you die.
  • 34 Women receive too many mixed messages about being pretty but not too much, being clever but just enough, and being passionate but not daringly so. It constricts them and confines them into little boxes, but women are not perfect little figures you can neatly put into a single category.
Anyone can feel pretty. However, it’s not just a matter of picking the right clothes or the right hair. Feeling pretty is often a matter of confidence. If you love the way you look and you feel good inside, prettiness simply follows. These pretty quotes and sayings from are all about believing in how gorgeous you actually are without needing to conform to society’s standards.

Short Quotes About Beauty

Need a bit of quick inspiration? These short quotes about beauty from might just do the job. These one-liners sum up ideas about beauty. Some are about helping you see what really matters when it comes to being beautiful, and others are about what others often believe about the concept of beauty. Take a look at these quotes and feel free to use them as inspiration.

  • 35 I am pretty to the one person who matters the most—me.
  • 36 Everyone is beautiful, but not everyone can see it.
  • 37 The wise learn from the past and the beautiful yearn for the future.
  • 38 Beauty has the ability to disrupt. This is why so many equate beauty for immorality.
  • 39 Beauty needs no cause to exist. It simply does.
Can the concept of beauty really be summed up in a short quote? In many cases, yes. This is exactly what these short quotes about beauty from did. They summarize different views about beauty in a way that’s easy to remember. They can also serve as a mantra for days when you struggle to find the beauty in yourself, in others and in the world.

Beautiful Sayings

These beautiful sayings from show you different views about what it means to be beautiful. These beautiful quotes don’t just apply to people. Instead, they can also apply to other things we deem beautiful such as art, poetry, experiences, and more. These things are all beautiful in different ways. Explore the different perspectives and ideas about what makes something (or someone) truly beautiful through these sayings.

  • 40 It’s only when we are alone that we learn what is truly beautiful, not what society says we must deem beautiful.
  • 41 The most beautiful image of you is one that no photograph can capture.
  • 42 Does beauty ever end? As long as you remember it, it lives eternal.
  • 43 When the dust has settled and there is no one left to see, there will still be beauty on this earth.
  • 44 It’s possible to want to be beautiful without making it the most important part of who you are.
It’s easy to see beauty in everything if you know where to look. In some cases, beauty can come out of sadness and loneliness. In other cases, something remains beautiful as long as you remember it that way. These beautiful sayings from help you see different beliefs about beauty—where it comes from, how one can perceive it, and how it lives on.

Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

Beautiful, breathtaking things can be inspirational in themselves. Simply seeing something or someone beautiful can flick a switch inside you that urges you to share that beauty with others. In this list of beautiful inspirational quotes from, you will see how different people take inspiration from the beauty all around them. Allow them to color the way you perceive the world and perhaps you’ll find it easier to see beauty in everything.

  • 45 Despite the ugliness and the weariness of the world, you can still find beauty hidden away and untouched by strife.
  • 46 To see beauty is to be part of that beauty.
  • 47 Those who are young at heart are those who see beauty in the smallest of things.
  • 48 Everyone has a sense of beauty. It’s implanted in the human soul. It’s responsible for every beautiful creation that sprang forth from humanity.
  • 49 If you are the only one to see something’s beauty, don’t be sad that others missed it. Every day, the moon radiates a calm glow over the world while everyone is still sleeping.
Let the beauty of the world inspire you. See yourself as a mirror that reflects these glorious sights back into the world. It might be one of the best ways to spread joy—by being one of the many people who want to share all sorts of beautiful things with everyone. We hope that these beautiful inspirational quotes from spark that flame within you.

Quotes About Being Beautiful

How does one become beautiful? It’s an age-old question that magazines, TV shows, movies, and even music aim to answer. In reality, the answer to this question lies in you and your personal definition of beauty. These quotes about being beautiful from are for everyone. They’re not just for the beautiful on the outside, but they’re also for those whose kind soul makes them beautiful. You are beautiful, and these sayings show you why.

  • 50 There is no such thing as a bad photo. Your face just looks a certain way sometimes.
  • 51 Even the blind can perceive beauty. It’s proof that beauty is not just in looks, but also in words and actions.
  • 52 Only she can make sorrow look beautiful. With each stride, she carries the world on her shoulders yet they fit her like wings.
  • 53 People are like ornate windows that look out into the world. They radiate light from without. But when the darkness comes, you can see their beauty only when there is light within.
  • 54 Appreciate those who saw your beauty when everyone else failed to notice.

Beauty is not exclusively a physical trait because it’s more than just looking a certain way. You can be a beautiful person on the outside while also being one on the inside. This is often the aim, and in many cases, even those who feel less conventionally beautiful can be gorgeous once their personality shines through. This is the idea that these quotes about being beautiful from aim to instill in you.

Great philosophers and learned thinkers all have different views about the nature of beauty. Even regular people have different interpretations about what makes something or someone beautiful. With that in mind, we have only one thing to say to you: You are beautiful in your own way. If these quotes from haven’t convinced you yet, perhaps being told directly will help you see just how beautiful you truly are. Now spread more of this beauty with others by sharing some of these quotes with your friends and following us on social media!

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